Toby feels great, but desperately needs his damage tuned up on his ult

So the tiny penguin feels FANTASTIC to play, except that against other players his ult may as well be a super soaker. I was playing meltdown with him, and was feeling awesome until players of equal level started face tanking my entire ultimate and barely taking any damage. I feel like a giant laser of death, that takes several seconds to warm up, should do more than barely burn through a shield when its full damage is applied to an enemy. At that point I may as well not use it, since I can crank out more damage with a mine and a bunch of uncharged autos than I can with a fully channeled DEATH LASER.

Speaking of mines, at level four I took the talent that says his mines apply a two second stun to whatever they damage, however it never stunned a single enemy player, even when I shot them right in the chest with it. Was this a bug, or intended? If intended it REALLY needs to state that it doesn’t effect other battleborn.

Oh, and I feel like something is very wrong when a full health/shield lvl 5 toby jumps on a 1/4 health and 1/4 shield Galilea, gets his full combo off and still not only loses the trade, but dies in under four seconds. Pretty sure there is a balance issue there.

Gali is a little too strong, but if you get in melee range of her with toby…something went sideways.

Toby is an extreme range defender that wants to hunker behind all his buddies, keepi g a shield up and sniping. He uses mines to slow/damage enemies that start to push through, preferably in bottlenecks. If people get too close, retreat while laying mines. Use his thrusters to help escape. He doesn’t want to be anywhere near an enemy.

For the mines: its not any enemy it damages, its any enemy it hits directly. You have to hit them with the actual mine, not the aoe, just like miko.

I thought that as well, but it seems to stun any minions that are damaged by the AOE, and even when I shot an enemy battleborn in the chest with it they were not effected.

Maybe it was bugging out on me that match.

Toby’s ultimate does similar damage to others like Ambra, Marquis, and Orendi. In fact, from what I can tell, it doesn’t scale with level, so it will outdamage most ultimates before everyone hits 10 (at which point it will be slightly weaker). Ultimates are not intended to burn through an entire shield and health bar.