Toby: Fixes to his shield skill?

Hi all.
I think most people are in agreement that Toby is the worst sniper (marquis and thorn both do the same thing better generally)
and I think most people are in agreement as to why this is, too: His shield. whilst its active he is fairly competitive, but it has a chunky cooldown as is dropped near-instantly from enemy fire.

Personally, the fix I’d like to see is this: Make the shield a toggle-able ability. when toggled on, it drains all of Tobys shield (blue bar) and gives the created shield say, 1.5x that much health.
at this point, Tobys blue shields are completely disabled until the move is toggled off, BUT when they would normally begin to recharge, the deployed shield instead recharges. Even if completely destroyed, the deployable shield can regenerate once tobys shield recharge delay has passed.
untoggling the skill, triggers its cooldown as normal, so he has to wait before he can move up.

This way, he’s much better at bunkering down and holding an area but become even more vulnerable to flanking or burst damage (as he has no blue bar shields whilst sniping). That feels like giving him his own niche whilst not being too op as doing so safely requires vigilance and team support

What does everyone think of this idea? workable,or is there an easier way to keep tobys mechanics whilst making him a tad better?
(leaving aside his kinda useless ult for the moment)

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I’ve had pretty great success with Toby in PvE, due in large part to the fact that he’s not JUST a sniper. Those arc mines are ferociously good. I’ve seen some guys make some serious hay with him in PvP, too, especially on those rare Echelon Incursions.

I do feel like he needs a buff/adjustment, though. I knew Toby was gonna be my BAE as soon as I saw he was a pooky little penguinoid driving a clanky diesel battlemech. I couldn’t wait to unlock him.

I like where you’re at with the toggle ability for the Force Field, but I feel like Toby giving away his own Shield might be too detrimental. What I’d like to see is use of the Reload button (which he’s not using) as a Shield-buff. Give him a pool of energy like Kleese’s Chair Energy, and let him use Reload to transfer that to a failing shield. It gives the Toby player one more thing to keep track of, but he’s Advanced level, right? (Note: I have no idea how practical this kind of thing would be to implement, but I’d like to see the Reload button used for SOMETHING on every character that doesn’t reload.)

Otherwise, I feel like maybe just a base health increase for his shield would be fitting.

As for his Ultimate, I do agree it’s kind of lackluster in performance, though the idea is super. I think it just needs a good ol’ fashioned buff. Hasten the animation a bit, make it sting a bit more, and we’re golden.

oooh, that idea’s fun as well!
maybe it could use his thruster charges? so each thruster charge heals say the shield fully.
otherwise I feel like a lemon bouncing back and forth to try and get that damage resistance haha.

as for the ult…id kinda like it to do a ton more damage but much shorter range, have it be his panic button for when rath pops up

Easiest fix is to make his Railgun rounds move full speed WITHOUT needing to go through the shield. Period done fixed… give another benefit to firing through the shield or make it purely defensive.

The rail gun rounds move WAY too slow to be effective in PvP without the shield accelerating them. Enemies can easily dodge them at medium/long range.

That and maybe increasing the shield’s base health a bit.

Toby is only flexible once he gets a few levels (stun mine). In the beginning he is pretty clunky, and a massive target unlike the super mobile Thorn (with the almost insta kill Ult) and mobile don’t need to charge his main gun Marquis who are both much harder to spot at range.

Also he has the WORSE Ult in the game from my experience. There is nothing redeeming about that damn beam.

Thinking about it, all of those changes could be combined?
have square be “redirect power” or some such. pressing square when shield is deployed fullheals the shield at the cost of 1 “thruster gauge” pip
pressing square with the shield NOT out charges the railgun, making the next shot fired move at full speed, also at the cost of 1 pip

how about that?
he retains his interesting mechanic and does just become like the other snipers, but is still able to function outside the shield for brief periodsand in the shield is much harder to drop

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Scale the shield health by level. That really is what’s holding it back the most currently. It works ok early game in PvP then gets popped almost instantly later.

Also improve and add level scaling to the regen field helix because the health restore from it is almost non existant.

Lastly redesign Toby’s hitbox. His crit location is center mass and the crit zone box is just about the entire size of his penguin body. The expoitability of his hitbox due to character model holds him back the most in PvP and generally forces him to be a sniper which he wasn’t designed for because he gets picked apart in seconds trying to play to his actual kit strengths and role. Adding health isn’t going to really fix this unless he hits like 5K+ HP.

The 2 options I can see to really fix this would be either have toby’s hitbox behave similarly to the sentinel enemies. Direct attacks to berg are shrugged off, hits to toby himself do full damage, AoE attacks do reduced damage. DoT’s apply as normal. Or restructure toby with a 3 tier hitbox. Berg hit damage is significantly reduced, Body hits on toby deal normal damage, Headshots on toby himself crit.

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i honestly dont understand why people say toby needs a buff so bad. comparing him to thorn doesnt even make sense. thorn is definitely in a class by herself and none are like her. you can kind of compare toby to marquis, but marquis is a straight up sniper, whereas toby is a sniper with incredibly area control. people focus too much on trying to sit up in a perch and snipe like he is a 3inch wide slippery bastard like marquis, when toby is massive.

toby’s strength is his arc mines. his lane presence is so much stronger than marquis. marquis is definitely way better on a single target, but toby can clear waves without firing a shot. and he hits like a freaking truck.

Except Toby isn’t a sniper. He’s designed as a mid range territory controller, Hence skills like the arc mine and shield and helix options such as piercing charged shots and additional CC options to his arc mine. The lackluster performance of the shield at absorbing damage is a small part of the issue. He also has an ult that outside of very specific situations will deal far less damage than his railgun while leaving him greatly exposed. And his character model is plagued with numerous problems on its own such as the hitbox/critbox size and location, His massive size causing excessive terrain collision which will often cause a complete loss of booster charges and the weapon lineup on the field of vision not accurately representing the position of his railgun and mine launcher which causes shots that appear to be clean from first person player view to collide with terrain,

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14 healing per second is pretty good its better than most battleborn get montana 7 kelvin 7 gal 4 and bordul 14 but i agree on the shield scaling per level

I guess they need to go one way or the other.
EITHER buff his hitbox and defences to allow him to work better at area control
OR buff the shield and its survivability to allow him to be a better sniper
at the moment hes not really a territory controller OR a sniper
tbh, marquis isn’t appreciably worse at wave clear than toby is, arc mine is good but the minions will often destroy it

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One option I mentioned down in the Toby-specific forums: increase the shields health, but have Toby’s shots damage the shield. Or possibly have the should just lose HP over time.

This would allow Toby to set up shop and defend/control an area, without him ever becoming permanently dug in.

It would also let him trade fire with Thorn, Marq, or anyone else. The buffed shield would at least last long enough to get a couple shots off, instead of just crumbling in half a second.

Except its 14 HP per second that doesn’t scale in any way and is only available while standing in a small area behind the shield which gets broken in half a second mid to late game in PvP matches. I think its possible to out regen toby’s shield just off gear items.

Anyone who gets a regen helix doesnt scale in anyway.
Kelvins 7 plus 7 latter on if near battleborn.
Montnan is 7 or 9 based of his minigin heat.
Boldur is 14 when he is raged.
Gal is 4 while her passive is up.
None of these scale.

true, but none of them require the char to be stood behind equipment which can be broken in a few hits, and has a 20-odd second cooldown.
honestly the best way to use the regen part is to put the shield facing into a wall and have your team stand BESIDE it, then it can be quite good

the idea of a toggle-able shield is nice, but I don’t see any problems with it atm
I play mainly (if not only) pvp and as Toby I carry ALL the time with most kills and least deaths… I’ve played against really good thorns and really good marquis, and I can outdamage them with my rifle easily.
He has incredible escapes (his rockets and his mine when helixed properly), incredible lane control (his mine), some support (the shield can actually save other players from dying and do some minor healing) and incredibly high dps with his rifle, all of this must come with some downsides too (his size mainly) but I really don’t think he needs a buff… when I opened this thread I thought it was going to be someone asking for a nerf actually.
Of course I’m talking about meltdown and incursion, I used toby in capture only once, we won but I felt like he isn’t really made for that mode (as any other sniper tbh, I usually play as deande and if there’s a marquis in the enemy team I know I’m going to get some free kills)

His ult is completely useless tho, useful only to complete his lore (even tho it’s almost impossible… 10 double kills with that damn thing? I can barely kill 1 person with it)

Toby, while played by most as a sniper, is NOT fully intended to be played as such; he is a defender, like Isic and Boldur. Core Discharge, as broken as it is ATM, is evidence of this, as are his boosters. Implementing this shield change would COMPLETELY remove his ability to be played at medium/close range, which is where some of us like to play him. I wouldn’t mind a buff to his shield (though i honestly don’t think it’s needed; Core Discharge is Toby’s lackluster skill), but PLEASE don’t suggest “fixes” that completely alter the playstyle of a character.

well, both of the suggested fixes would buff tobys skirmishing more than his sniping.
having the ability to use thrusters pips to charge the railgun w/out shield and heal his shield lets him operate better on the move and keep his shield buff up better for ally support

equally, having the shield stay deployed could work for sniping or also to place in a lane and apply consistent haste/heal effects to minions

I’d say just buff his shield health if people think it’s necessary (to be honest, having it scale with his level like MOST kit skills work is the best suggestion i’ve read here, IMO), but i get by without it a lot of the time. To be fair, i for some reason have magic aim when shooting at people’s heads, so i deal a tremendous amount of damage normally; if i was relying purely on body shots, i suppose i MIGHT feel differently. The only things i feel NEED to change for Toby, relate to his ultimate; it needs more damage (and range would be nice too, seeing as you only get six seconds), and remove the wind-up time. The lore challenge is also one of the more ridiculous requirements. Otherwise, i personally couldn’t be happier with Toby, especially with his new biker get-up.

Wait, that’s a lie… I COULD be happier if RNGesus would bestow his “Aw Shucks” taunt on me.

They should completely remove health from Toby’s shield and give it a fixed duration. The health helix becomes a duration helix.

I like the idea but that might be TOO far.
unbreakable shield would be damn good