Toby for the PS4 players during the open beta

โ€œPS4 players will have access to the Battleborn hero, Toby (the mech-driving penguin!), during the Open Beta.โ€

He is locked :disappointed: anybody know why ?

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Because you have to unlock him. He is available to us, but not out of the game. Win 5 games as a Rogue (Orendi to start) and you will unlock him. Beware, he is fairly under-powered against some of the many other battleborn.

Yeah but they said he will be unolocked since the begining for ps4 players, no need for 5 games
Bah โ€ฆ I will do it with Reyna

You misunderstood them. They didnโ€™t say he would be unlocked at the start, only that heโ€™s in the PS4 beta. He is not able to be unlocked in the XBone or PC beta.

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