Toby helix bug?

So as far as i can tell two of the helix choices dont work.

The one where enemys are revealed when you zoom doesnt seem to do anything. Also the one to make shots penitrate doesnt seem to work.

I had planned to use the two in conjunction, but sadly it doesnt seem to work at all

Yeah, I didn’t notice any affects when using it. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong, but I hope this gets resolved.

Showing enemies through walls does work, the effect is just extremely subtle. It’s only a silhouette that pulses and fades after a second, and I believe it might have a range limitation. I can confirm the shooting through walls thing absolutely does not work.

It may stem from a pre-beta problem with those skills. Before a Toby with those skills could sit inside the spawn and snipe anything without risking anything. The wall penetration worked on the shields of the sentries on Incursion. So you could win the game from homebase.

With the tier 7 Heartpiercer upgrade, shots penetrate bodies but not walls or objects, and yes, the actual hitbox is consistent with the display.

The Targeting Overlay upgrade appears to be fully functional. Hold L2 (default), put a reasonably close (not super snipe distance) enemy near the crosshair, the enemies get highlighted same as allies but red, a beep is made, and the highlight will stay for around 2 seconds after player stops highlighting.