Toby Help : Killing on Rails

So now that Toby has gotten a tiny buff and the challenge has been reduced to 1, I’m now motivated to go after this again.

Before I do, if anyone has any advice on game mode, map, gear, etc I’d appreciate it very much.
I feel this isn’t worth even trying until you get his lvl 10 Helix, and even then it’s pure luck being it’s so easy to dodge/interrupt.



Nah his damage for his ult is really good now. I saw a toby melt 2 people in front of him as they try to run. 400/s is not to be belittled.

Gears wise,
I usually run attack dmg, added shield with skill damage (since you wanted to complete the lore, this would be good) and added hp with atk dmg.

They’re rather pricey purple gears but worth it when you see the damage jump on your charged shots.

The damage increase helps a lot to improve the chances.
Find the lowest (but not dying) hp in the enemy group. Jump in 3 times to get the damage reduction from helix, and open up on them. You might die in the process if someone manages to shoot or CC you, so go in at the right times.

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I completed it out of luck. The best way to get it done is on capture (not outback, not sure how the new map fairs for odds but temple has a better funnel than outback) or incursion (better chance of grouped up battleborn).
As for gear, if your doing capture, zero-low cost skill damage helps and a free shard generator will help level. Also focus on leveling up till around lv 7 before you start trying to get dubble kills.
gear for incursion could/should be higher cost but spicifics other people might have better suggestions. Again wait till about lv 7 before you go out of your way for kills.
The most important thing for doing the lore (when i was trying it, before the update) was team comp. Teammates with stuns (like galilea and kelven) are the ones you want to see.
Again all this was when his ult was bad, so luck might not be as big a factor.

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Thanks for the input, I’ll give it a go today
Wish me luck haha

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You can get a kill with your rail gun and get the second kill with your ultimate

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I don’t know if you have it or not but the Legendary item “Voxis Core” is amazing for trying to get this done. Also try and use other items in your build that boost your skill damage.

I have gotten a couple of doubles since the damage was increased and let’s be honest… thank God you only need 1 now.


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I do not, I’ve come so close the past few days. 2nd kill getting an assist or being taken out.

I’ll look into getting it, I like yo have as many legendaries as I can regardless.

Thx for the info

Is this true?? If so, that makes a huge difference!

It’s how I did mine back when it was 10

Wow. In all my forum searches on the topic I have never seen that once mentioned, and was always under the impression that you needed both kills with his Core Discharge.

That should make a huge difference.

Thanks, mate!

No problem also if you can get 1-2 friends you can have them play kelvin and deande for a double group stun

Yes, that would definitely be helpful. ^^

If you are on Xbox One and need someone to play as a kelvin/deande for stuns, I’m more than happy to help.

I’ve been trying to get his double kill on capture after that being mentioned, however constantly being matched with premades (with titles like Predator, Worthy of Song, Pentastrike etc) who stomp made that an impossible task

Hey, thanks for the offer! I was actually able to complete it not too long after discovering you only needed the second kill with Core Discharge. : P
I’m on PS4, or I would return the gesture.

I was able to do it on Incursion (specifically, I finished it on Overgrowth, but I think the other maps would be just as good). Incursion gives you time to level up, and there are plenty of bottle necks and players heading towards the same objective.

Use any gear you can to increase your skill damage. (I used a 0 cost shard generator- with negative to reload- and 2 legendaries- Bola’s Target Finder and Voxis Core, specifically).

Without anyone to assist, I basically just concentrated on levelling up until Core Discharge was available, and then whenever I got a kill with the rail gun (or whatever) if there were any other enemy Battleborn about I popped Core Discharge and hoped for the best! ^^

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Where can I find Voxis Core?

Hmm, I’m not sure exactly, but from Googling it, it looks as though it comes from a Jennerit Loot pack, perhaps?

If you don’t have Voxis Core, just use anything that will increase your Skill Damage, or perhaps increase your survivability. Cooldown would also be good, so that you can use your other abilities more often as well.

Also, if you’re not already doing so, I’d recommend using the helix upgrade that adds Stun to your Arc Mines.

(But, keep in mind, this is advice coming from someone who only really played as Toby in PvP to complete the lore challenge and who immediately stopped playing as Toby in PvP as soon as he was done with the challenge! : P ie. He’s not my best character and there are those out there who may have better advice. That being said, if you’re in the same boat as I was, this may be just what you’re looking for).

I enjoy playing toby but have just had terrible luck getting the lore so I’m looking at anything that may help. I also like to have access to as many legionaries as possible.

That’s awesome - bet you must be super stoked to finally have that done!

Cheers for the advice though, will use that for sure (good thing I got the Voxis Core during the loot apocalypse event).

From my experiences with capture I can see having mutliples on the pads will help with this, but barely getting to level 5 and lack of shards to powerup legendaries makes Incursion seem a good choice to me too.

The Voxis Core can be found in loot packs, with Legendary, Epic, Rare and Jennerit loot packs being where your credits are best spent.

If you even need to find out where to get certain gear/legendaries, this website is great for it:


It’s true. It was pretty much the only way to actually complete the challenge pre-buff.

Edit: Didn’t notice that someone else already beat me to the punch. Oh well, might as well keep it anyways.