Toby is a quitter

I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but the vast majority of people who vote to surrender early game and/or leave the game when the team refuses are people playing Toby.

Is there something inherently wrong with Toby’s kit that makes players give up that quickly?

I’m just tired of people quitting early. It’s not fair to your team, and it isn’t even fair or fun for the winning team either.
I just happen to notice that a lot of quitters are Toby players.

I’ve not noticed Toby quitters any more than other characters.

Nothing wrong with Toby, I’ve just played him and my team won. :slight_smile:

I never noticed this, could just be that you have really bad luck with people trying him for the first time and realizing it’s not their thing. Ghalt pre-buff and Toby were the only characters I tried once and realized I was massively hindering my team, though I always stick it out if the team is willing.

My guess would be that people take him for the first time thinking he is a tank with a high damage ranged weapon, then find out he’s not (a tank, i mean). I remember my first match with him, post beta… i went 8-0 with 11 assists on a capture. It was love at first sight.