Toby is terrible

Tried him in incursion, granted his Arc Mine is pretty good against packs of minions but other than that I found him very, very lackluster.
He’s slow, his forcefield is very situational and last 2 shots from Marquis, his jump boosts can save you, it’s true, but only if you are already at safe distance from enemies, they won’t save you when engaged in a close quarter fight. And his Ultimate? Meh.

Devs, please make him better or he’ll end up like this:

Some other people said that and I know what you mean…

My first impressions of Toby are not great, either. Admittedly, I have only played him twice, so I can only give basic feedback, but I felt pretty much the same. The shield mechanic is time-consuming to use since you need to lay down the shield and then start shooting through it to really reap benefits, by which point the enemy has likely already destroyed it or moved past it or around it. The mines are so-so, but at least his ultimate is really fun!

All in all, he, like Kelvin, felt to me like a “What’s the point?” sort of hero. By that I mean even though they may not be truly terrible, they feel bad enough that there seems to be no reason to play them. Like, you can play Toby, and can probably do well, but if that is the case you may have done better with Montana, for example.

Again, only my first impressions, so maybe an advanced Toby player can shed some light on what he brings to the table.

Toby is a sniper, not a front line Battleborn. Done be fooled by his sized. Sit back and away from people and he wrecks.



He looks like a front line fighter but hes definitely not. Hang back and snipe through the shield and you will see great results.

Arc mine is great at controling an area and slowing advances. It crushes minions as well.

Toby is meant to control the playing field from afar. He’s not meant to be in anyone’s face. He’s a very tactical character. A character that requires thinking.

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Even as a sniper, he doesn’t hold a candle against opponents like Marquis.

Toby melts anything large, like Elite Minions, Elite Thrall and other Defenders. His mines are great for the smaller stuff.

Hey, I have heard you are THE Toby player. I am fascinated with this character and would love to see some gameplay footage. I’ve tried looking through some of yours but there is a massive volume of it.

Any chance of recording some dedicated Toby footage for the penguin faithful?

I can do that after I unlock Toby on my PS4. I took a few days off because I needed a break, and then yesterday PSN would not let me log into the game at all after several attempts at which point I gave up and watched some Netflix. I plan on unlocking him today.

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That would be fantastic, thank you.

Most people don’t like to do that while playing games at the moment! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried the Algorithim with Toby and with the right build, his arc mine can directly damage ISIC during his boss battle, and that’s just swell to me.

Okay, I just want to say that my opinion on him has changed, he’s pretty good in incursion.
That being said his boosters could get a little “boost”.
And about unlocking his lore, wth is the berg self destruction?

Look at his helix. There’s an option to make the mech explode on defeat.

Damn… should read them more carefully lol.