Toby needs another Buff since Beta's Buff

So just saying not actually saying it is needed besides the ULT Core-discharge and its lore.

So the Buff I was thinking of is Making his Shield Heal bigger ticks than what it currently has since we all know his shield breaks in a heart beat and Thorn just ignores it later on, Marquis the cheese breaks it in three hits, gun people break it in one clip, Montanna in 2 seconds, Benedict in 2 rockets, Enemy Toby placing his mine and after 3 seconds.

The other option is just making his shield stronger since he is like a sniper and already having one ability being garbage (his ultimate) is bad enough. When comparing him to other range fighters his shield is nothing compared to Marquis never dying owls, his unstoppable slow-mo zone of affect, Thorns multiple horizontal arrows not to miss, and blight which is a aoe zone of affect. If someone mentions his owl being breakable I compare those owls to Toby’s mine since even that thing is breakable and it has a time limit of a few seconds. P.S. here go to the official battleborn site for Toby and watch the animated background, they show his shield up being attacked by the enemy team together with the shield not breaking so easily, just saying.

So that is about it, any comments?

Personally, I greatly prefer Toby to Thorn and Marquis just because I find his attacks easier to aim and because his level 1 taunt is the best in the game. That said, and even though Marquis is probably his worst matchup and that’s just kind of inevitable, he can just shut Toby down so hard especially lategame by shredding his shields and forcing Toby to deal with his crummy projectile speed. A slight shield health buff is probably in order, but he can’t be too good with it because it’s important to remember that Toby is really good at dealing with most melee characters; he has powerful cc that’s really easy to land close up, and heck tons of mobility that Thorn (to an extent) and moreso Marquis lack.

Toby is already Super strong when played correctly…

I personally couldnt see buffing Anything about Toby outside of making his Ult more useful.

I agree with this, though they should make “killing on rails” easier as well. 10 double-kills with his ■■■■ ultimate? Yeah… not going to happen at my battle rank, even if only the second kill needs to be with core discharge.