Toby needs some re-tuning

I love the concept for Toby’s play style, but not certain aspects of it’s execution. His Primary attack seams under-powered without buffs from his energy shield. A charged up projectile with a slow travel time with no AOE and a modest overall DPS? Meh. I have played him quite a bit and until I get the Penetrating shot, I find myself almost entirely dependent on my Energy shield for engaging enemies at range. And his Ult is junk. CC interruptible, long charge time, limited range, no AOE, No Enemy penetration, and even if you hit another player with the entirety of the blast it wont kill them, and you can forget about doing the Double kill challenge with it, unless you are into kill stealing.

I have only played him twice and found him to be “meh” outside of the lolcuteness of him but I have seen others just annihilate the map with him. I need to play him more, lol.

If a team is “good” they will focus his shield and then his offense plummets. However, his ability to clear lanes is A/S tier. If they increased his shields health, among a few other things I mentioned in another forum post, he would be perfect. Ironically as a sniper he is easy to counter snipe, which is due to his bulkiness, having to charge his shots to do any significant damage, and lack of strength of his shield ability. I have faith Gearbox will do him justice. Also his ultimate, regardless of its ability to lane clear and destroy sentries, is very lack luster.

Toby is an absolute beast, IF you learn how to lead his rain gun shots. I also find him to be one of the few Galilea slayers (at least for me), as he is a superb kiter with his boosters. I think his ultimate DEFINITELY needs to re-worked, as it is currently a death sentence when used against competent players. As such, his “killing on rails” lore challenge is near impossible to complete, even though only the second kill of the double-kill needs to be done with core discharge. Otherwise, i’d say he’s just not your character type. People say you can only use him to snipe; and while that’s definitely his strongest use, i find him completely viable for mid-to-close range combat as well.

Just went 21-3 and 70 minion kills with him on my first competitive match with toby in a while (can post screenshots if needed). The enemies had significantly higher ranks than us as well.

Toby is a monster if played right. imo, he is one of the hardest characters to approach due to his stun on arc mine, the force field absorbing damage, and the massive firepower coming from his railgun. Even if enemies do get close he can just boost away while firing railgun blasts to deter targets from chasing further.

He’s definitely harder than Marquis to get the hang of. For one, you have to lead your target with the railgun, while Marquis can just aim for the head and get easy kills, but Toby does have the bonus of being able to actually hold his own at close quarters, while Marquis’s only option is to throw a time bubble down and run away.

^This. If you learn how to lead his rail gun and strafe or kite with his boosters, Toby can take on just about any other character, with Marquis being his only big threat. His one weak skill is core discharge, which either needs a significant damage boost, or needs to be reworked entirely (which is what I’D prefer, anyways).