Toby Not Selectable

I’ve unlocked Toby now and it is officially ticked off as Complete in the challenegs and selection screen from the command menu but when you go to select him before a game he is still locked and the message says he is not unlocked on your profile or something like that.

Can this be fixed?

If you are on pc or x1 he is not available till retail. This was a bonus for ps4 users. This was in the beta announcement


Maybe we’ll get that sticky post soon…

WTF I basically spent all my time playing Orendi just to get a chance to play Toby this weekend and now I find this. I am very unhappy.

YAY FOR EXCLUSIVES. They make you feel so loved and appreciated by the company, right guys?


I’m right, right?

You aren’t missing anything, Toby is a huge disappointment, atm.

Exclusives has nothing to do with end-users. It has to do with the companies who pay to have them. To think otherwise is to be entitled. If I pay a company to make something for me, and I pay for exclusive rights to it, I would not only be disappointed but furious that others got it. What did I pay for?

Toby is only a dissapointment if played wrong or you wanted him to do something he isn’t capabale of. I constantly was getting number 1 in pve and top 3 in pvp (which considering i suck at pvp and am usually food for aberage or better players is quite the feat).

I know this is a beta but I’m just very annoyed that there was no in game indication that he wasn’t available. Had I known this information I may have actually tried other characters other than grinding with Orendi (that didn’t come out right). Didn’t have enough time to do anything else.

We won’t question your life choices with 4 armed chaos witches. :blush:

I’m sorry you didn’t get to try Toby though. As a ps4 player I wish more people would have been able to try him. More testing may have shown more information on how to play him. Perfecting Toby is ny dream