Toby projectile velocity

So i finally started playing the most forgiving and adorable battleborn. Thus far, almost everything feels spot on. His abilities and helix all seem great.

My only complaint is the velocity of his railgun projectiles. Having to guess where your target will be within the lapse of it traveling is painful sometimes (especially for long range shots). This is even more irritating when you realize his gun…his railgun…should be firing rounds at roughly 2 to 3 km/s. Speeding it up would go a long way to helping him, especially considering you will normally want to charge shots, and even if you don’t his rate of fire is low.

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Shooting through his shield speeds up his shots( can also add dmg), making them hit almost instantaneously. With out it thay are slow.

Using the shield you can snipe very effectively and be safe from return fire. The shield the doesnt have a time limit so by the time they break your shield it should be off or about off cool down.

Ah, I didn’t notice the velocity increase. Probably because it’s hard to see through that shield. I’ll keep testing.

Yeah, i hope they tune the opacity of the shield a bit. Its not terribly bad now, but it could be a bit easier to see through.

Toby is a pretty solid sniper (if he shoots through his shields), who can hold down a position for a long time…except for the case that you actually challenge a Marquis to a sniper duel…because then you will always lose, as Toby is a massive target with an easy to identify crit spot (last boss like), while Marquis is a pretty small one in comparison. Also Marquis can pretty much destroy Tobys shield (as his passive applies to it) in 3 shots and still has 3 to 5 shots remaining to actually destroy Toby.