Toby’s Story Operation releases November 10



Another long week. Still super excited!

Lol somebody stole Berg? Can’t wait to see whose got the “greedy evil hands.”

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Who will be the final boss?

A clone of Berg with a moustache. Calling it.


I’ll give you a like for mentioning our lord and savior, the holy shitsnack.

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Tundt-Poovey 2016!!!

Man I still need 14 skins run in the first DLC.

So if berg is stolen, could that mean will we be seeing little toby running around as an AI like Attikus?! Or will he be riding shoulers or somethin’ lmao


To am pretty sure Toby is held captive. But that would be really funny to see a little penguin running around.

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Pretty sure the person’s name that stole berg is named leopard wishbone (I may be wrong) apprently penguin hate leopard seals


Do we know what time it goes live?

I believe all of their stuff goes live at 12PT and 3ET

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3 hours Hobbit. Just three more hours of work.

Got 0 operation rewards and no challenges available?? Anyone else with this problem???

Oh no! I hope the 0 score bug hasn’t infested Toby too!

yep we should’ve gotten two titles and a taunt but nothing. will check on the score after my current game, i didn’t look

Score was fine no medal tho