Toby Speculation

Being someone who has never seriously played a team based shooter, would anyone care to enlighten me on how Toby should be played? I really can’t wrap my head around his play style at all and he doesn’t seem like he would be able to hold ground for very long despite being a territorial character. Maybe my noobishness is showing but he doesn’t seem as capable at controlling an area as characters like Kleese who are support characters.

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Calling @Kaleidodemon! Someone is interested in your boy! Show him the ropes!

Although I have not played, the one problem I see with Toby is that he is so wide, takes up a lot of space (those engines on his back are huge). It makes him a real easy target for say, Thorn, Marquis.

A good marquis or thorn makes Toby really insignificant unless his team can badger the ranged units enough.

That being said, I can’t wait to play a match where Toby is the character (hopefully on my team) decimating the opposition.

I’ve seen a few streams where he definitely holds his own. Not my play style, but he’s definitely capable of being a dominant force in the right hands.

Reyna could give him support.

Always keep your force field going and firing through it to utilize the damage buffs it imparts. Use your boosters to retreat and drop mines.

The way I play Toby is basically as a glorified Turret. I find a good spot to stick to, take shots at enemies with the good mid-to-long-range railgun, put up the shield in convenient spots, and set up the mine to kill advancing enemies like Minions. I think that’s why the devs put him as “Territorial,” because he’s good at holding his ground and defending areas. The Core Discharge I usually save until I need to use it to kill someone, or if I see a ganking opportunity.

That being said, I am far from a professional player and although this has worked for me, it might not actually be a thing.

I’ll have to make a video on some Toby gameplay and show you how I play. I’m not so good at explaining with words.

Please do. Some Toby gameplay would be great.

Toby - get to narrow spot, uphill, with decent view. Put shield down. Shoot enemies repeatedly. Get stun mine. When they try to gank, use it point blank, charge fire and melee repeatedly. Exception - marquise. Kill him as soon as possible. He’ll hide around a corner and shoot through walls a little bit. Aggravating to say the least. Aside from people who actually go out of their way to break your shield, there shouldn’t be any competition. You kill Montana in less than ten shots, with good aim and a small amount of support. I mainly mean someone to take aggro.