Toby, the Insecure Finisci: A Rudolph Parody

It took me over two years to realize it, but there are no Battleborn Christmas parody songs! Well, that I know of, anyway… This is unacceptable, and so I give you “Toby, the Insecure Finisci”.

:notes:You know Aurox and Pendles!:notes:
:notes:Orendi and Whiskey!:notes:
:notes:Shayne has her own line,:notes:
:notes:’Cause she threatened to kill me!:notes:

:notes:But do you recaaaaaaaall,:notes:
:notes:the most badass Rogue of them all?:notes:

:notes:Toby, the insecure Finisci!:notes:
:notes:Had a very poor temper!:notes:
:notes:And if you said he looked cute!:notes:
:notes:He’d murdalize your face with Berg!:notes:

:notes:All of the other factions!:notes:
:notes:Used to laugh behind his back!:notes:
:notes:Toby introduced them to Berg!:notes:
:notes:Then Reyna saw he had a knack!:notes:

:notes:She said: "Toby with your mech so strong,:notes:
:notes:will you lead my raid?:notes:
:notes:Use your mech to kill these fools,:notes:
:notes:and then we’ll all get paid!":notes:

:notes:Now all the factions know that,:notes:
:notes:if they ever call him cute!:notes:
:notes:Toby will say he’s sorry!:notes:
:notes:After taking all their corpse’s loot!:notes:

If any of you would like to make your own Christmas parody songs, feel free to post them here! Finally, I hope you all have a merry Christmas, 2018!

(^Image created by Dxstrxyer, on Tumblr)


By the gods.

What have you created.


The future of Christmas songs regarding animals that overcome adversity. Why sing about a reindeer with a physical abnormality, when you can sing about a penguin with a death machine?

Children everywhere will sing Toby’s story with love and adoration! Or they will be destroyed…


So lemme get this straight…
Yer gonna murder children if they don’t sing yer name with love an’ praise an’ adoration.
The sighest sigh.
G****mmit Toby.

Ain’t seen much about this “Christmas” I like. Gonna stick with my hymns of the Great Eagle. Speakin’ of which, I need an electric guitar and a sick ass death metal drummer. S’cuse me.


Bro, I was just thinking of that yesterday. :joy: