Toby - Underpowered?

I need some help and advice with using Toby. I feel like he is just too weak to do any considerable damage and he honestly doesn’t have a ton of utility with the EXTREMELY WEAK deployable shield. His Arc Mines are nice against minions and PVP but that’s honestly all I can see going for him. I get annihilated in PVP and can’t seem to rack up kills. My best match was when I hung back and “sniped” through my shield and rained Arc Mines on groups of minions but if he’s supposed to be played like this then he needs some tweaking. This frustrates me beyond belief because I really wanted TOBY to be my guy.

I can play Orendi or Miko or even someone like Oscar Mike with much more success so I figure I’m probably just going about it wrong.


He meant to be played like he supports his team with his sheild(which is probably abot weak) and uses his railgun as a sniper

Toby by far does the most damage with his weapon.

Put up yur shield and fire a fully charged shot through it normally depletes the enemies shield completely and even takes alittle health off.

But yeah the shield should be made abit stronger even before you use the helix to make it so.

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Yea I do this but the shield goes down in just two regular shots from the Sniper guy. I think it would help if his shield just stayed in front of him even through movement and didn’t get deployed to a stationary position. Similar to Isic.

Toby is not underpowered at all. You just have to know how to use him. Spam his raingun (fast or charge shots) to control the area. Wait for the big targets and/or targets that are stunned and then hammer them. Use the mine to stun people. Or if you don’t have the stun use it to keep people out of areas you don’t want them. Use the shield to boost your shots and heal you up. If things get tight then dash out of their. Don’t let anyone get close, and if they do boost dash out of there. Anyway, with Toby you basically pick a spot and control the area.


How do you feel about his Ultimate having such limited range though, remember that if a melee get’s close you’re more or less done for.

He is played as a Sniper Support but unfortunately he doesn’t do that very well compared to Marquis and Thorn. Since he requires no aim to hit him his the health drops very fast. The Railgun travels too slow and is too small. His Mines are decent at control but if you miss you are screwed. Same thing with his Ultimate which by the way is hard to aim and has poor range and unless you get the three shot Helix it’s useless unless you stun. When you use his Ultimate he moves slow and it’s easy kill for the enemy. Shield is useless because it gets taken out too fast to buff the allies.

Toby needs some buffs. Thorn and Marquis are much better choices.

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I agree completely.

using the shield too boost his railgun makes his shots travel faster then thorns arrows.

only thing i would like changing about his is his shield be big enough to actually cover him without having the place it in positions that make it slightly higher. if you place it on flat ground they can simply shoot you over it.

Yea but you get that at Level 7 it shouldn’t take 7 levels to get that. His shot needs to get buffed slightly without the Helix.


Yea all of his Mutations that are worthwhile come way too late. And his 10th tier ultimate bonus is just laughable.

Use as sniper through his shield he has a very damage output. landing crits over 1000 damage with some gear :slight_smile:

I think of Toby as a mobile artillery emplacement you place the barrier and snipe and use mines against groups or enemies that get close with the stun/slow boosts.

Toby’s ult is useless. 300dmg/s for 6 seconds. Only does 80dmg/s. Tested it vs bots and enemies.
Toby’s ult also renders you immobile, so you can easily get picked off while you’re slowly trying to aim his laser. His ult needs a huge boost in dmg or range. Especially since his lore requires 10 double kills with it. Good joke.


Has there been any recent talk about Toby getting tweaked? I agree that he seems underpowered. It just seems like success with toby is way, way too situational.

I hope he’s on the table for getting reviewed because I think he needs a dmg boost in general and/or if he truly is a defensive option, then he needs to be able to provide defense/survivability, i.e. have a shield that doesn’t get destroyed so quickly, larger out of the gate, etc. Maybe the answer is a re-working of his Helix? I’m definitely not blown away by the progression of it.

I like the look of Toby/idea for his playstyle, but for the dmg/defense pay-off he provides he is just way to hard to be successful with or honestly have fun with.

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Toby himself is actually pretty good, the only real blatantly broken thing about him is HIS ULT, and that the stuff that makes him good is so far at the end of the helix that your first priority, even before any gear, is to get him to rank 8. Rank 9 and 10 don’t do much for him but from 4 to 8 each level boosts his ability to do well by about 50%.

Get all the crystals you can, but only when you’ve already tagged the entire creep pack with your arc mines early game. Spend everything on buildables and learn to use his stun arc mine and jump jets in medium to close range because that’s actually where toby shines. Most people just snipe with him and then cry when his shield goes down because they’re now useless… which is their fault. He is mean in cqc with his escape mobility, shield and stun mine.

It’s really hard to explain his playstyle, because it really is advanced like the placard says. You don’t snipe all game with the shield, you don’t rush up on people with arc mines every cooldown, you don’t sit with a healer and jump jet around… you do all of it, all of the time. Drop the shield and you’re a sniper, someone rushes you and jump jet away to peg them with a stun mine for a charged shot. Keep in mind the split beam upgrade, if the shield is placed close to the enemy, will hit for 3x damage! Throw a shield on the ground when getting hit by melee and run around it firing at them, if it splits right in front of them it will nuke them to pieces.

You have to learn 2 travel times for your gun and be able to aim with either of them with no hesitation, which is hard. You also have to be comfortable with 2 different charge speeds depending on how far along the game is, or your dps suffers, which is hard. He is easily killed if trapped, so make sure you know how many boosts you’ve got left and keep 1 handy for an escape.

The character himself is REALLY strong if you can get the hang of him, but not easy. Which is why most people try to use the shield as some kind of base defense shieldwall and snipe… which ends badly most of the time or does barely anything to help if it does work.

Remember the stun mine will force drop tank shields and you have to aim above and to the left of the head for a crit. The crosshair will turn blue when the gun is fully charged, and you can boost while holding a fully charged railshot.

NEVER USE HIS ULT. Forget you have it. Bar none worst ult in the game, massively cripples him and does less damage than his main cannon. Never try to use it unless you’re going for the lore challenge, or if you do use it (to trick people into thinking you are terrible at the game and seriously trying to use his ult) make sure to cancel it when they start to rush you for the kill and surprise them by not being garbage.

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Toby has the strongest basic attack in the game with his shield up. I agree that is could do with more health, it really needs that 100% bonus health in the helix. Shame it get it at rank 9…

Completely ignore his Ult, it will more then likely get you killed in PvP. Forget about doing his Ult lore challenge, most ridiculous in the game atm

This is definitely what annoys me the most. The range is mid-short, so it makes the most sense to use in those rare close combat situations. Or it would, if it did any damage. Its works okay enough on shields, but by the time it starts to slowly chip away at an enemies health, you are already dead.

I agree. As a character, Toby is one of my favorites, but his flaws are obvious. As I am sure others agree, his ultimate is useless unless you find yourself in a 1v1 where the other player has almost no health left (& no regen, as I swear it recharges faster than you can whittle it down). I see what he was intended for (mid-long range strategic sniper) but if he is going to be tweaked; A) his ultimate needs a serious boost, & B) his deployable shield needs a slight boost (because they can be destroyed by others (mainly Marquis, if you ask me) as quickly as they are placed).

Also, I’ve heard talk of a self destruct function, which would come in extremely handy due to how much i get killed by others with guns faaaaar more effective than Toby’s. Anyone know when you unlock it? Pretty sure its a mutation…

It seems like Arc Mine never does its final explosive tick either, just broken.