Toby's Bottom Lore Challenges

So I’ve smashed the top 3 lore challenges for Toby within a couple of PvE runs but those bottom 2 PvP lores seem ridiculous with any build for Toby. Self-Destructing during a match while near anything is practically impossible (unless it’s a mutation I haven’t unlocked yet) since even a single hit and the teleportation sequence cancels (personally I reckon if you have been teleporting for more than 2-3 seconds you should become immune, the number of times I have run off to teleport but then died because some rambo chased after me…). I’ve even tried combing stun arc mines with a force field out front without much luck during meltdown. As for double kills with his ultimate? I’m lucky to take off someone’s shield with it let alone kill anybody (seems to do half of the damage of other ultimates such as Oscar Mike’s). If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears, I’ve given up on these lore challenges in favour of getting the Rank 12 in the hopes they will get changed/nerfed at some point :confused:

In the UK, ‘bottom’ can also mean the same as ‘butt’. So when I read the title, I wondered what lore challenges there were to do with Toby’s bottom!! :laughing:


easy. self destruct gets a mutation (level 7) where you explode on death. coop a story mode, die, let your buddy rezz you and die again and again.

for the ult doublekills, I suggest playing capture with buddies that know you need the challenge and help you setup.

did with my ghalt, many traps and lowered one enemy, hooked another while toby got his double. this is clearly a teamwork one, nothing you can just yolo yourself, unless your time is not limited

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You can do self-destruct in story mode, and it’s also way easier to reach level 7 there. Just get swarmed by minions or something after you get the level and after a couple of deaths you should have it.

Killing on Rails is ridiculous, and I sincerely hope that they rework that challenge.

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I actually thought that too when I wrote it but I couldn’t think of another way to word it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually Rank 9 which I just hit about 5 minutes ago when the self-destruct mutation unlocks. Well that’s one less lore challenge to worry about :smiley:

im not ingame, says lvl 7 not 9, could have changed tho…

Character Rank 9 it unlocks, but for Helix Level 7.

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Toby WAS my main until I saw you need 10 double kills with his Ult, I’ve dropped him until they change it…

Supposedly you can get the double kill lore fulfilled as long as the second kill is with his ult. The first kill can be with whatever, but I still feel it’s a ludicrous number. 5 would be hard enough.

tbh, that’s still really hard because of how long his ult charges.

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Yep and it can also get instantly cancelled if anyone stuns you. I actually managed to get one kill with it last night (on a Boulder) with a nearly dead Phoebe lined up, but she moved around too much for me to completely kill her with my crappy laser (which btw is great in PvE, in fact Toby is way more fun in PvE missions despite having a lot of callouts for PvP).