Tobys double kill

Even with the change from 10 to 1, this is still one of the hardest lore challenges to complete. You have to be very lucky to get a double kill. For one, I have to wait a lot of time to get to level 5 and start using my ult. Then when i get a kill, i always start quickly looking for someone else to use my ult. At this point my health is low, so i have to be lucky to find someone with low health since the ult still does little damage and it takes a lot of time to fire.

The developers said this challenges were going to be kill or assist. I would’ve prefer to still have the 10 kills or assists to 1 very hard double kill.

Actually only the 2nd kill needs to be done with his ult. The damage got buffed and what most people seem to miss is that the ult can crit…AIM FOR THEIR HEADS! Also…if you make it to Level 10…use the slow upgrade and not the one that changes it to 3 shots, as it halves the damage of the ultimate and I find hitting with the laser bolts a lot harder than with the beam…especially if the enemies are slowed.

Been doing this in capture and half the time I can’t even get level 5 or I’ll be level 5 for under 1min. Tried meltdown but people usually stick to their lanes and I can’t find 2 people to kill at the same time.

Been trying Incursion today (I LOATHE Incursion) and since the majority of people play Incursion it seems like the knowldge of Toby and the player experience is higher so they know to look out for me when I’m near. I can get kills but none with my Ultimate since they run away as soon as they see the animation

I know I suck at PVP but man is this ridiculously hard

This challenge has everything going against it.

Long charge up time.
Poor field of vision.
Slow movement.
Not particularly damaging.

Works well against minions. But, enemy BBs jump around a ton, already.

I’m in the same boat, its is the last lore-challenge i need to be master of Toby, but i’m not able to get a double kill with his ultimate, i can’t do double kills with Toby anyways … i play PvP alot and i was able to do Ghalts 10 first-kills, W-F 25 Oscar Mike kills, and i was able to do 50 kills with Benedict while beeing in the air … but with Tobys double kill thing … it’s really frustrating :frowning:

I have no idea how ppl did the 10 double kills before they changed it.

Best regards.

Yep, this Lore is really a bummer… it also decreases the quality of PvP matches, since people will most likely try to get it, which will put you in the danger zone.

Lore like this really makes my hope for Private Versus to be made able to complete Lore.

Posted this in another thread but thought I’d drop it here as well to help those out.

"Gear I used: free shard generator, Purple Attack Damage w/ extra Shield, and Bolas Target Finder.
Bola’s seemed to be the secret ingredient for me, and a little bit of luck.

You can get Bolas off the 1st Boss in “The Experiment” Advanced.

I was lucky enough to corner a Miko and Boldur with very little health on Overgrowth near the double Thralls, fired up CD and blasted them both.

Almost had this several times with the same gear and following strategy

1st, on Helix 1, choose “Contingency Plan” NOT “Me N’ My Magnets”. I know I know most of us use MNM for extra damage but we’re going for the Lore here. You won’t be behind your shield.
This combined with Helix 4 “Sorry I Broke Your Wrists”, gives you great Burst Damage for the 1st kill. Stun, immediately blast the mine then finish off with a few quick shots. If you can land crits on those shots, 1st kill is very quick.
Then immediately load CD and get the second kill. Takes a little luck, have to get 2 people close together and pray someone doesn’t steal first or second kill but this seems to be a solid way to get it."

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Removed my post. I achieved the double kill. I am calm as the sea, now! :smile:

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Thanks for this - will try these Helix selections out and hope I too can report having slayed this dragon of a lore achievement!

Congratz! :grinning:

I have achieved this now though I had to get both kills with Toby’s ultimate, the method of only getting the second kill with his ultimate didn’t work for me (though it did come up as a double kill each time, the lore wasn’t unlocked).

I found it easier to come close and then finally achieve this lore on Meltdown rather than Incursion. The map that I found best for me was Outskirts, though I did come close on Paraside too. I guess Coldsnap would be OK but that’s not picked as often. If playing Incursion, Echelon is a good map to play for this (my fiancée got it on this) when fighting around the top of the stairs to the first sentry as Toby can come in from the side (from where to double Thralls are) and unexpectedly zap the opposition.

Lol are you being serious? I have a friend who says the same thing I got my double kill pre patch on my second game with him by accident you said his ultimate does little damage? 4000 damage is little? That is the highest dps ultimate in the game

I’m not sure where you got the figure of 4000 from?

The recent patch notes for Toby, which increased his ultimate damage, say:

  • Increased the damage of Core Discharge by 15% (313 per second to 406 per second at Level 5)
  • Increased the damage of Core Discharge after selecting Toby’s level 10 Left Helix Augment, Triple Charge by 25% (375 to 563 at Level 10)

Taking his level 5 damage, that’s 406 x 6 = 2436
Taking Triple charge at level 10, that’s 563 x 6 = 3378

Even with skill damage gear (which if you’re lucky with 2 that include this, so max of around 10% total) those figures are only going to get to 2680 and 3715.

Bearing in mind that not everyone is going to get to level 10 in a game (in fact it’s likely that in many games they won’t), it’s more likely that the lower figure is more likely what people are working with.

As for it being the highest DPS ultimate, that’s debatable. I’ve not timed Oscar Mike’s Airstrike but at level 5 that does 13 x 250 = 3250. Rath with level 5 Dreadwind does 83 damage per hit over 4 seconds and can do several hits per second, probably surpassing Toby’s DPS.

Also bear in mind that, even though Toby’s DPS is quite high, he’s slow to move when using his ultimate so it’s not so easy to keep the core discharge on a player or players for the full 6 seconds.

Orendi can do up to 20k, Isics can do about 20k also.

Now that I know only the final kill has to be from core discharge this is doable.

And just got it.

My suggestion, after you get a kill pop your core discharge rather you feel you are near players or not. If you feel you won’t get the kill and your life in danger just cancel and try again. I’ll post my video of getting it if anyone is interested

This one is very doable but tilting when you just miss out.

Twice I missed it by about 1 second in meltdown - first attempt kill Pendles near back grinders and start ulting in Alani’s face, only to get bubbled when she’s down to about 1 health.

Second attempt secure kill on lane in Paradise and start ulting enemy Toby at low health, who just manages to sneak behind cover with about 0 health.

Eventually I got it on Overgrowth against a team of low levels, and I had to get my party to leave enemies alone a few times to let me finish them.

10 would have been a nightmare.

I got five out of ten. That was pre buff for his ult. My sympathy for people having to get a single kill with his ult is lacking. I say single because your second kill is all you need. Hit people with his basic, beam.
If you can’t get it, try again. Get level ten, I use slow. Others swear by burst beam. Slow makes it so they can’t jump though. I’d do a mine stun melt, then aim at another enemy while my ult is charging and lock that ■■■■ down.

I think you’ve added an extra zero to these figures, I don’t see these or any other character dealing 20,000 damage in a short period of time.

…True. Gearbox really made a bad choice with PvP character specific Lore because there are so many reasons players are focusing the match on that rather than the team, and so many of them will just leave if they can’t start with the character they need or the character they need to kill doesn’t show, so messed up.

One of Orendi’s lore challenges is to do 20,000 damage with a single use of Paradigm Shift. Isic’s ult lasts for 40 seconds, and can do about 300 every second depending on skill damage/attack speed. The thing about Toby’s ult is that it doesn’t pierce so it’s a standard. Also with Orendi’s last mutation you can actually have shadowfire pillars appear under the opponent while she does her ult, even furthering her damage potential (I’ve watched a video of orendi getting a quad kill with it, then turned around and got the last kill for the penta kill)