Toby's Force Field blocks for only half the advertised damage

Toby’s forcefield is advertised as blocking 850 damage. However, in practice, it only blocks for around half of that. This gif demonstrates me killing his shield with 456 damage (12 damage per shot, 38 shots). You can also just tell by looking at his shield’s health bar that it has between a 400 and 500 health, since each bar is worth 200 health. This carries over to the shield strength buff, naturally.


This is very interesting…

I wonder if this is a simple mistake in the text like how Kleese’s rifts say they have 0 health. I wonder how no one has realized this yet.

I’m more curious to see how the developers will respond. Toby mains will be pissed when they learn about this but the knowledge that it’s weaker doesn’t affect his current performance. I hope they don’t actually allow it to block 850 because that would be a scary buff for him.

Not too upset by it. But I am not a MAIN per say. I just really like Toby. I wonder though wether the amount that it says blocks is the amount that it’s supposed to be after the shield doubling helix

I’m mainly worried that people will overreact. It literally changes nothing about his performance but there are always people that will find some excuse to complain about these things and demand unnecessary changes.

I posted about this before, in Advanced PvE that shield is one-shot by brutes.
It’s practically useless against Aria but that is understandable.

It probably is a textual error, like many other similar errors still scattered throughout the game (e.g. Miko heals for double than advertised). However, it would help explain the numerous complaints I’ve heard that his shield feels much weaker than expected from the skill overview (because it is much weaker).


Oh no

Maybe @Jythri should know about this


I think you should also report this officially via GBX’s support:

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Well that explains why it disappears the second it goes up 90% of the time haha.

I dunno if I want this fixed… I kind of like where Toby is at and am worried that fixing the shield to where it’s supposed to be would make them nerf his damage some. I would prefer a weaker shield to a stronger rail shot