Toby's Force Field

Does it seem like Toby’s force field doesn’t last for long in PvP? I swear it’s dead almost as soon as I put it up unless I’m a mile back from the action and so have garbage for things to shoot at. It’s really kinda soul-crushing since I’m usually dead right after my shield goes down…

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Depends on who is shooting at it. Thorn and Marquis can both take down the force field very quickly, but alot of other characters can only really chip away at it. Despite that though, the force field does only have 500 health, so it isn’t huge. Certainly, the helix that gives you double health is essential my mind.

I think Toby’s FF could use a bit of a buff, but at the same time, I feel like any good team knows that the first step to tackling Toby is to always take down his FFs, since FFs can really make his railgun alot more powerful.

i think even a couple shots from Ghalt will take it down fast.

I think just activating his force shield should buff his damage a bit with shooting through it buffing it the rest of the way.

Toby plays like more of an ambush sniper and good Toby’s seem to use the shield as a distraction at the outset to set a tone.

It’s about 2, maybe one depending how deep in thee game you are.

Another big problem with it is how it behaves during placement and while it’s on the field. To be more specific:

If the terrain is uneven, it will clip through the floor and lower the height to the point where Toby can fire over it and not get the speed or damage boost on his railgun shots. This is especially prevalent if he is firing near the corners of the shield. It can also end up angled strangely and once again leave Toby firing over it. This leads to the other half of the equation:

Toby’s first person perspective and where his shots are actually firing from relative to the shield are inconsistent. He will be mostly behind the shield, and from his perspective his gun is behind the shield, but in actual fact the gun on his character model, where the shots are originating, is sticking slightly outside of the shield, or right on top of the shield, resulting in the shots firing and not getting the speed or damage boost. Of course it’s easy to notice when this is happening, but it’s counter-intuitive to have to finagle your position just right so that your shots are getting the boost immediately.

So, I think the shield height should be raised to counteract the uneven terrain issue. The zone on the shield where the shot boost is triggered should also be thickened, so that it extends outside the shield on both sides, giving Toby more of a margin for error while moving behind it and making his shots.

What I’ve learned in the time I’ve played Toby (level 13 all but rails lore challenge done): At the moment, the ientirety of the character is about managing being counter intuitive. This is kinda stupid, but large character model for long range fighting is counter intuitive, Large bullets for stationary sniping is counter intuitive (you often have to make close-to-object shots since you cant move much from behind the shield) Having an ult that lowers your dps, movement speed and survivability is also counter intuitive

Basically, the idea of a penguin in a giiant mech and all that it does in counter intuitivee. Somehow, it works. kind of. (I think he needs a bit of a rework since he is classified as a defender and yet is one the highest dps character in the game. Kinda counter intuitive if you ask me as well.)

I agree though his shield should appear as it looks when you are trying to place it, they need to fix that. and the whole area that your shots come from is off, Sometimes you can shoot above the top and get your bullets to go though, and sometimes you can shoot through the right and not get the bonus.

The center of the shield should be hooked to the railgun and travel with Toby like Boldur or Isic with their left click shields, only bigger.

Shooting through it should heal it.