Toby's Friendship Raid 100 Ops Points

Has anyone managed to do this? I’ve run it several times finding only 9 Ops Points chests…

Please help confirm that it’s at least possible and we’re just missing a (non-backtrackable… grrr…) chest.


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Yeah i got 100 points in toby’s dlc.


Ok, cool. I just did too.

Funny enough it was my first play through on Toby, solo.

And it was against Nega Toby.

Unlocked all Toby Taunts and Skins, and a Rogue Commander Pack, and the Title. Big day for Toby! =)

Oh and, hint hint, check your Spawn Check Points. =)

How do you get the points in the yellow laser room?

They spawn in the larger side rooms. The one to your left, after the first laser area, and the one to your right, after the final laser area.

Not sure if there’s one that could spawn in the middle room.

Well if you mean how can you backtrack, you can’t. Once you start the disincentivation chambers you can’t go back to, say, the bot factory.

If you mean where to find Points in the disincentivation chambers, then the only one I know of is after the 3rd energy shield, by the chest.

If you mean, how does one get through the disincentivation chambers to find the Points, you have to work your way to each Shard Pad by dodging the yellow lasers so you don’t get knocked back, and destroying the Shards on each pad to disable the energy shield.

There is a chest were the lasers shoot at you. Torward the begining look up and to the left. I think its the second beam. Says sc2? Anyone know how to get it? Without benidict?

If your reffering to the rafters that is not an ops point chest. It doesn’t have anything significant in it. You may be able to get it by back tracking through the chambers after you open up the hole that leads to the boss. But that’s more for the unknown objective than anything.

Side note: an ops point I couldn’t find was in the berg manufacture plant(right before the last side op mission) once you step into the room there is a shard bomb directly in front of you. Walk into the little divot it’s in and turn to the left. There is a pretty well hidden op box right there

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