Toby's Friendship Raid Compendium

My thoughts. I was hoping for another amazing Reyna or Pendles taunt. They always have good ones. Thorn on the other hand. Now that I’m done copying, I can go try it lol!

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Have fun! Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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i’d love to share some of the skins but somehow i just finished with 35 ops points and got nothing. no skin, no title, nothing. anyone else have this problem?

Skins start coming at 40 ops points.

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ok so that’s the reason for the skin. but we had a toby in the team so he should’ve gotten “vengeance is mine” and everyone two titles (playing with toby and for 25 ops) right?

Yeah, as long as you guys completed the raid and didn’t fail or anything I believe you should have gotten both of those titles and the Toby should have gotten the taunt.

I saw in another thread somewhere that someone was concerned about not getting unlocks like that after completing the mission. Hopefully it’s not a bug. :confused:

EDIT: Toby’s Story Operation releases November 10

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If Orendi and Phoebe’s are just as good I will be soo happy.

Interesting, so it looks like i had the colors around the wrong way?

Apologies for a terrible screenshot @epicender584

It boosts damage and damage reduction of buildables based on ops points


Is it just me or do these look just like the master skins?

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Master Skins were more purpley and that didn’t have that shine that these ones do.

Yawn, (just woke up)
What? You guys haven’t got everything yet?? Geez!!

@epicender584 Here’s the Toby Raid Rewards Page
As well as the new Operations Map (you’ll note it functions a little different to previous maps)

Remember to F5 it is hasn’t updated :wink:

You can also ask lowlibot about !gear toby dlc|raid|drops. Since there’s already a screenshot of the boss Legendary, I’ve declassified that, but everything else will get updated over time as more people start unlocking stuff.


Operations link was pointing to my testing environment (just fixed it then) >_<


Uhhhh… I’m not getting any of the unlocks. Completed it twice now both with over 40 ops points, and so far no skins, titles or anything. Anybody know what’s the deal?

OM 40 ops points skin


Montana 40 ops skin


Ernest Skin 1

Foxtrot Skin 1


No one else has ever given me the meta symbol and name AND the pictures and now I’m wondering whether to include them or keep it all in the same format. Either way, thank you lol!
@ everyone else, thank you as well

Galilea Skin 1


I think just a screenshot from the command menu is good enough. I will fill in all the meta stuff on the rewards page over time. The DLC only just came out though so there’s no rush beyond getting the checklists up.

That being said I do need to see all the title icons before I can add them because I don’t have a way of matching up the internal names with the title names!

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That’s what I was thinking, but I didn’t want to waste effort lol. And thank youuu @nbrownlie237

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