Toby's Friendship Raid Discussion

Well today’s the day. Feel free to tell everyone about how you managed to SPOILERS before SPOILERS SPOILERS. Write about how great it is, or how there’s one bug where hitting a gear makes it move slightly and you’re swearing off the whole Box. Go on about how the balance is perfect, but Toby’s lines are the most OP thing to have ever existed in the game.
Then, to discuss, see, and submit gear, skins, and titles, go

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You have officially cornered the market on Friendship Raid threads.


While not the goal, you may not be wrong. I’ve templates for each DLC I set up last month so as soon as something comes out, pop, well organized thread

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Still waiting for it to show up on my Xbox. Has anyone gotten in yet?

Edit: just popped up. Have fun everyone!


So many hidden things! Looooooove it. Such a cool level design. :ok_hand:t3:

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Things just keep getting better and better! Good job team!

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On the subject of discussion, has anybody had the objective to kill 10 minions in under 30 seconds in the Engine Room? Yeah. Huge pain in the ass. Anybody else reckon the timer should start from when you kill the first minion, not when you first enter the room?

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I love how frantic it is. Makes you reassess bringing no aoes

Yeah admittedly, but I had just dropped down to the Engine Room floor when I got the objective and they didn’t spawn in in time.

That was actually my thoughts at first. That said any robot is a minion FYI. I remember because of el dragon


and there need to be varying numbers. it’s 10 minions with 2 as well as with 3 players. don’t know about soloing but it’s way harder when there are less players…

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Does anyone else get a sonic type platformer vibe from this op? I kept expecting to fight Dr.Robotnik. All the jumping and dodging in this level is really making the fast/smaller characters fun.

That’s what someone else I was playing with said lol

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It’s the at the very end where you are dodging those things. They are rings just like in sonic and trying to dodge them reminds me of the chaos emerald mini game from the old sonic games

@epicender584 it was me that said that. Am I so forgettable… XD


THAT’S IT!! Very nice.

Nah I just figured you’d appear lol. I remembered

No, he’s actually pretty forgettable.

It’s either that or I just work constantly and stay off the forums. And that sounds awful…


I saw your post and was like “who would talk about me like that?”

We completed a run a bit ago, where a certain Rogue Bborn decided to crash the party, on theach best way possible. I’m hoping there will be more scenarios like that.