Toby's Friendship Raid Discussion

(Ambra's Arbiter) #101

Yup, not my intention when I put in my birthday though lol

(Skeksis Syl) #102

What was your intentions with putting in your birthdate if not for free internet cake?


We got higher than a gold medal score. It’s a super sweet invisible medal of diamonds.

(PSN: mattbestman) #104

Are you blind? That’s not a diamond medal at all. It’s clearly an invisible unobtainium medal. The rarest and most valuable medal of all.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #105

But… How does one obtain “unobtainium”?

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(PSN: mattbestman) #106

I’ll have to call my friend James Cameron. He swears he almost scored a whole bunch one time when he almost genocided these weird blue Native American allegories.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #107

“Just LOOK at all that cheddar.”

Haha… I hate that movie.

(Cast Iron Chef) #108

Same here. Of course all military personnel are blind robots who will follow any order even if it means killing non-combatants and all corporations are evil, money grubbing entities who care nothing about exploiting the environment and/or native people. Right @Elaura? The movie was okay, but how Cameron portrayed both the military and a corporate CEO were utter bullsh!t and false to the extreme. Sure there are people in the military who do act those who were in the film, but they’re as much a minority there as they are in the civilian sector.

Sorry for the OT rant, but I hate the way the military was portrayed in that movie.

(Ninja Truffle) #109

Yeah. Avatar is right up there with Fern Gully when it comes to movies that could have been wonderful stories but made me furious instead . . . and not for the reasons Hollywood intended.

BTW, the raid grew on me after I ran it through with a couple different characters, but it still didn’t have the replay-ability of Attikus’ DLC.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #110

I guess i didn’t see your reply eight days ago, but i felt i just had to clarify that my hatred of that movie wasn’t the poor portrayal of the military (i’m so used to this bulls**t from Hollywood by now, that it doesn’t even phase me any more; making the police and military look like a bunch of soulless killers is unfortunately the norm nowadays…), it was it’s cliche “soldier defects and joins the resistance” plot, combined with the blue people’s (forgot the name) ability to control creatures with their magical penis-hair. Pretty colors though…

(Ambra's Arbiter) #111

Unimportant tbh

Okay good, it wasn’t just me who was kinda confused by all… that

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(Not-Toby) #112

Got a question about OP DLC. Uncommon one though, for the people well familiarized with Toby’s Friendship Raid. I’d like to know if (and if yes, in what curcumstance if you’d be so kind) this track


occurs during DLC miss…pardon, “Operation”. I don’t own DLCs myself (which would have terrible framerate for me anyway), but I’m curious if what I’ve dug up is an actual game asset or just waste material. I’ll be grateful.

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Easter eggs(spoilers) and discussions about them

I’ll keep a distinct ear out to see if we can trigger this. Nice.

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(The RAbbi) #114

It’s more appropriately named, “Blue Space Pocahontas”. That’s how we differentiate it simply from a series WORTHY of the A-word title.

Oscar Mike is a more convincing soldier BY F—ING FAR, than anyone in that turd-abortion of an excuse for a feature-length sci fi film.

And this is me being generous…

(Josephmurray01) #115

Just did the friendship raid yesterday, was pretty fun except for the wall shooting lasers down the hallway, was kinda difficult. I did have a question though, can you spend the OP points you get in the mission?

(XB1: Abattoirista) #116

You don’t spend them, but by acquiring them you earn rewards. You get a skin the first time you get 40 or 85 on a character. The first time you hit 60 with a character of a given faction, you get a Commander Pack for that faction. And every time you get 100, you get a Commander Pack for your character’s faction. Sometimes you can also earn taunts via points as well.

(Josephmurray01) #117

Ah I see, I did notice I got a few skins on Toby as well as 3 taunts. I do find it hilarious that they even have a special title for doing the Friendship Raid with Toby.

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #118

Yeah, Toby got a ton. Three skins (a secret one! You probabaly haven’t found it. I’d link to a video showing you how but it’s fun to figure out on your own), three taunts, and a title. Messed up considering Attikus didn’t get any of that extra stuff

(wisecarver) #119

…Seems like they didn’t tie it in proper but Shane kinda got the extras there.

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #120

To be fair, Orendi also got some stuff out of Toby’s…
Both rogues. Hopefully not a repeating pattern