Toby's Friendship Raid: First Impressions

Haven’t even finished my first playthrough but just had to come on here and say:

a) Good job!!!

b) GIVE THE COMPOSER A RAISE! This soundtrack is goddamn AMAZING!

c) Give Thaddeus Wishingbone’s VA a raise as well. Laughed my ass off everytime.

d) EXCELLENT level design. Really well done. It’s fun yet makes use of a relatively tight space in a creative and original way.

e) Toby’s belly-slide at the end is icing on the cake.

f) LMAO @ “let my minions wash over you like a shower of murder.” Give your writers a raise.

g) Give everyone a raise. This is PVE heaven.

h) Mixed feelings about the lack of backtrack. In the end I think I like the added pressure.

i) Holy crap the hidden secret idea and implementation is awesome. I wish every level had something like it.


Yeah, the tunes are sweet. And the game is hilarious. Also, reminds me of an UT map, can’t remember the name now…


My boyfriend and I coordinated our day off today so we could immediately jump into the new OP. We’re not disappointed at all–this is awesome!

Well done! Bring on Battleborn Day :sunglasses:

edit: The soundtrack is goddamn amazing.


Hm…Not exactly what I expected; I’m actually Disappointed.


Probably one of my favorite boss fights so far. The puzzles are better than the Thrall rebellion too and Yup the music is great. Can’t wait to unlock some of these skins

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Any particular reason? Just curious.

I expected it to be a RAID mission; multi-boss fights. Like a better version of the Algorithm, but it isn’t. I also got kinda tired of the verticality of the map when you’re searching for stuff since you’re having to go up and down and up and down…and…yeah.

Also it might be because I was playing Solo and with low OPS Points and with the power of the sun but the boss battle was a bit too easy xD.

I’ll continue playing, and play with a group, and see if I change my mind.

Gearbox, this release was my Battleborn Christmas, and i want to formally thank you for it. The level design and music were amazing, the objectives and puzzles creative, and the dialog hilarious; ESPECIALLY in Thaddeus’ and Nova’s cases. I also love Toby’s “You can be my wingman, buddy” skin which, although it is essentially Benedict’s “Merra-caw” skin, is awesome on Toby (i LOVE the bomber jacket). My one gripe is the part where you have to jump and strafe the waves in the corridor, which is difficult with large, slow-moving characters (i was using Toby, and don’t even want to THINK of how annoying it’d be with Montana. Still, not impossible, or even overly difficult.

Overall, a solid 9/10 for your friendly, overzealous Toby enthusiast, and i hope you keep up the good work. @JoeKGBX, please let them know what an awesome job they did.


First play thru really reminded me of areas in the Clappy dlc in PreSequel, same feel.

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Did any of you dislike the Attikus DLC, but like this one?

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That’s Gearbox employee Mikey Neumann, who was also the voice of Scooter in Borderlands. He also played a large part in helping write this mission.


Agreed on the great music. First impression very favourable, but also agreed that the corridors would be annoying as all get out with Montana unless the knock-back should you get hit wouldn’t be as bad with a big heavy character who can’t jump.

Is the VA for Thaddeus the same as the Birthday Cat guy from Clappy’s DLC? Sure sounded familiar, anyway.

Edit: Ninja’d by @Jythri, but can you answer my question? Did Mr. Neumann do Birthday Cat?

Awesome, thanks for the background information. As always, all of the VA’s involved did tremendous work. What a team.

My personal opinion:

  • I miss alot of the “simulation”-character of OP 1. Theres no real mention of why Toby/Reyna run this simulation, no “4th wall” interaction between them, as between Attikus, Deande, Ambra and Oscar.
    I just played 1 round yet, so maybe thats only first impression.

  • I just don´get the deal about the seal. Maybe its because english is my second language, but I had a hard time to find Thaddeus funny… If anyone can explain to me how and why he is, please - I want to know!!!
    I feel like I missed the joke, it feels horrible :sob:

Most important for me: THE MUSIC IS AMAZING!!! Badass soundtrack all along, really great job!


Unlike Attikus, I don’t think this is simulated. Post-plot, some Thaddeus guy stole Toby’s mech and now they’re trying to get it back. Nova doing the whole spiel in the beginning is just there for folks who haven’t played an ops yet.


Ahh! Mikey strikes again! He’s GOLD.

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I can’t wait to play this mission. The music is a big part of the experience for me. If you all say it’s good then I know I’ll love it.

In borderlands 2 I would turn the game on long before I was ready to play it just so I could listen to the music in the main town on the bunkers and badasses dlc, I can’t remember the name of the town but it was similar to sanctuary and new Haven.


Another thing I really appreciate is the contrast with the Attikus op. Thrall Rebellion’s map was sprawling with a gritty, downtrodden atmosphere. Toby’s is epic space-opera that’s rly high energy. Love em both.


…I like the Attikus dlc way more.


It’s not a simulation fyi. The first one was Attikus reliving the past. This one is what’s actually happening as normal, just with a start without Novas ship as that isn’t present
It’s just the voice acting really

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