Toby's Friendship Raid: First Impressions

I was disappointed by the length and I find the style chosen for the voice actor extremely annoying. It reminded me of the whining of a thousand youtube vlogging clones.

While I did like the ability to explore and the multi-floored approach, it was again, irritatingly difficult to navigate forward. It’s nice not to have an obvious linear progression, but to not have a clue where to go or how to get there isn’t fun for me.


Honestly…I despise playing this DLC,

except for trying to get skins I’m going to stay far from this op.

Because it’s not wasting your time. You are just not enjoying certain aspects of a game others like.

I like the random searching, the extreme difficulty ranges, multiple challenge variations, platforming esque gameplay, all of it.

If you feel this is wasting your time than maybe it’s not necessarily the games fault. Since you were asking to be enlightened.


I can’t say I’ve shared your experience here. Granted, the “kill a Ronin with a skill/melee” challenges in the new DLC are done poorly because there’s a really solid chance they’ll get axed by Boom Bots. That’s a problem for ranged too though. Melee seems fine to me.

Solo, yes, I think your criticism about the engine room is totally valid and it does take some time. In a group of 2-3 I don’t agree though but that’s just my perception. Attikus has the same tempo solo or in group but the new op definitely flows best in a group.

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Hey guess who found your second shard cluster! Anyhow it’s in the the second to last area before you have to dodge all those pulse shots. To access it there’s a open vent near the door you first walk into (it will be easy due to it being red) then you jump into the vent which it will lift you to the secret area, then look out the window (which will be open) and you’ll find the last shard.

And just in case you already knew this then try the elevator and then get off it (by jumping out at the start) you’ll find a balcony type door down there mid-way of the first elevator stop

Hope this advice helps

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Has anyone 100 pointed this Op yet? Seems like an Op Point is always missing… =(

Nevermind, finally did it. =)

You just essentially admitted that the map is poor solo.

Wasn’t GBX trying to sell this idea that 1 to 3 man is the way to go? That 5 man is horrible and I’m such a damn lunatic for believing that 5 man can actually be fun? I mean, they were dumping the whole concept of 5 man onto a shallow grave and then ordered some monster trucks to run over its corpse over and over again as they tell us that there was nothing to see here.

And now they make a map that sucks ass for soloing?

I’m on PC, and queuing for 3 man is already next to impossible. If none of my friends are online, I’m forced to go solo, and the solo experience is garbage by comparison, the experience is now made worse because DLC2’s design is abysmal to solo. I already hate soloing on DLC1, looks like I’ll hate DLC2’s experience even more.

When GBX makes the pitch that smaller groups or solo play is going to be preferred in their Operations (which I still disagree because 3 man is still boring compared to 5,) I expect them to deliver an experience that doesn’t make me feel like it’s wasting my time from the start. DLC2 failed in that regard pretty hard, thus I’m not offering any praise.

You’re fortunate to be enjoying it overall, but it’s also not unreasonable to be harsher.

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It definitely reminded me of a certain someone…


Nope, just said you had a valid criticism. Didn’t saying anything hyperbolic, just that it’ll take a lil longer solo. Would hardly call the solo experience garbage. Nothing wrong with your disliking it though.

I’m on PC as well and the ops queue is pretty damn fast for me.

It’s very annoying with Montana, and Isic. At least with Montana you can lumberhjack dash through a few though. Wasn’t able to plasma dash very effectively through them with isic though. Going through the hall with Toby might have been the most tedious of the three though.

Yes. Within the mission there are three hard to reach, and hidden large shard crystals. You have to find and destroy all three. The first one is within the first five minutes. The second and third one are fairly close to the end. The last one is the hardest to get to in my opinion. When you destroy one of them a side quest mission appears that says something like.
??? 1of3.
That will tell you if you are on the right track to finding them.

Well, if that’s true, then i guess i had it the worst from the start, which wasn’t necessarily aggravating; just annoying at times.

I hear you. The first time I played the mission with my buddy we both picked Toby. We were in that hall for a few solid minutes. Since it was our first time playing it we were actually laughing quite hard because of how long it took us to get anything done in that hall. I can see it getting really annoying after playing it 20+ times, but so far we’ve still enjoyed it


The “reward” skins are really disappointing. More purple and white, which we already have. At least the skins in ATR were something new.

Rewards should be special and new and these are just more of the same boring recolors.

Edit: Just made my second run and I think it will be my last. Got a really crummy skin and it was way too short.

…Ironically doing that with Toby is like doing the Attikus dlc as Attikus.

Just gotta say that solo’ing this ops doesn’t feel right, not that I want more people, just that it feels like it wasn’t designed to be played solo, if that makes any sense. It doesn’t feel like there’s enough enemies at any point, and they’re completely spread out. Makes the DLC feel very empty and uninteresting. I also don’t really like the objective to kill 10 minions in 30 seconds because of their spread out-ness, but that’s probably easier to do with others or with a sniper like Marquis.

Not sure how I feel about Wishinbone or whatever his current playthrough name is. He’s not really that interesting to me. The dialogue in the mission seems very disjointed, and Reyna’s character is off. So far as I’ve seen, Wishinbone and Reyna just don’t engage with each other at all. They’re conversations are just two people talking at each other, not with each other. Like their dialogue was written separately and then mashed together afterwards. On my current playthrough I have Pendles joining the conversation though, and he’s livening it up some, so maybe it gets better as the playthroughs progress.

As of right now I’m lukewarm to the Friendship Raid. Still running through however, so I very well might change my opinion.

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I enjoyed it, except the tunnels with the beams.
Playing as Toby there were parts no matter how hard I tried I was getting hit it seems.
I’ve seen other mention that with big characters it’s a real pain in the ass and just had friends with smaller characters run up to destroy the shards.


Played it a few times, but I’ve only ever seen the first few permutations, as new people keep sending the progress back.

Reyna’s delivery feels off, and she really doesn’t have any memorable lines. Toby is… Toby. The boss is absurd, and I’m not hugely fond of the ultra-foppish delivery, as it verges dangerously close on “trying silly voices in a desperate attempt to get us laughing” territory.

However! When Pendles appeared, he provided some much needed humor. I’ve seen him in one playthrough, and not only is he genuinely funny, but he elicits some amusing comebacks and threats from the boss. Right now, he’s the saving grace of the DLC for me.

The map is pretty in places, but it feels very much like a level: a series of obstacles slapped together. It doesn’t feel like a place. The few creative touches (the Berg construction land, the automated hand) aren’t enough to prevent the map feeling disjointed. The knockback tunnels are kinda obnoxious.

It’s possible to cheese the boss fight as Mellka (and probably others) by jumping to an invisible platform above the exit door. You can be hit by the bots, but none of the lasers can hit you, and it’s easy to dodge the boss’s railgun. The boss fight itself is very simple and straightforward. It’s kinda cool to see Toby’s shield being used for EVIL, though.

Collecting ops points from sometimes-there, sometimes-gone chests is indeed getting a bit old.

I’ve played this almost every time as Mellka, so I’ve had no issues getting around the big vertical spaces - it’s pretty fun, actually, like springing over the roof-tops in the Attikus DLC. I can see the jump pads being tedious for those who can’t Lunge from one objective to the next, though.

The new challenges are at least not repeats of the old ones. The boom bots blowing up the Ronin is a real problem.

That Battleborn’s AI enemies are fairly dull is becoming an issue. There’s Ronin (murder machines) and Elite bots (instagib murder machines), and then a slew of robots that aren’t remotely threatening, except perhaps Boom bots if you’re not paying attention. The Bulwark is such a weird enemy: is it meant to be anything more than a damage sponge? It’s got no special abilities I can see, it’s not especially damaging, yet it always pops out like it’s some kind of minor boss. The flying bots seem entirely absent from this mission.

The divorce between narrative and gameplay is also starting to bug me. I know this is how BB works, yet even so… Pendles isn’t here. So why are he and the boss talking like they’re about to fight? He’s not going to fight. He’s not here! This approach where they have a conversation that represents one story, while you go ahead and play your own mission that doesn’t include those characters at all, is beginning to heavily dilute the experience for me. If Pendles is supposedly helping me out, can’t we just drop an NPC Pendles in to make that feel convincing?

All in all, I’m… making up my mind.


The Pendles’ dialogue has been my favorite thus far but I wound up confused by the end because he kept talking about killing Thaddeus yet he never actually appeared during the mission. When we - the PCs - were fighting Thaddeus, Pendles’ dialogue made it seem like he was the one doing the killing yet he was nowhere to be found. The dialogue vs the reality of what was happening on the screen felt really incongruous to me.

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Haha, we just posted the exact same sentiment at the same time!

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