Toby's Friendship Raid: Secret Skin Challenge Hidden Puzzle Solution (Spoilers!)

Here’s a quick n dirty video for anyone who still needs the secret skin from the new op. Had a lot of fun finding everything and I hope to see more of this sort of puzzle in the future! Additional details on each location are in the vid description. Will be a bit before YouTube re-encodes the UHD qual.


Wow, nice! But it is still a bad design when only certain characters can do this.

Btw, I guess you know this, but you can collect all the things from chest just by holding the R button ^^.

That 3rd part is messed up in the video, any character can do it.

  1. Activate the floor tunnel but don’t get in.
  2. Back-track and look for a room that opened with a jump-pad in it.
  3. Just get on the jump-pad.

is there a skin for each character?

That’s just the cool Toby skin.

thanks a bunch I was wondering what the ??? 1/3 was when i got the first shard cluster. You rock!!!

Spoiler warning added to title…


It says that in the description.

I don’t need no stinkin’ jump pad!!!

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