Tobys Friendship Raid

Wow what a complete waste of time trying to complete this with Toby
It’s almost impossible to do the 2nd and 3rd corridors where the lasers shoot down the corridors.
I did it no problem with a smaller character but Toby is just to big. I tried for so long I actually ran out of time.
Which is actually a pity because its a pretty good level otherwise.

I like a challenge but this isn’t a challenge its just stupid and frustrating.

Didn’t have any problem with those as Toby. Yeah, you get hit a few times more than usual, but it’s nothing frustrating. If you ran out of time, it’s really not the problem with the game…

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Agreed. Doing this with Toby was easy. You want hard try it Montana solo. Getting through that hallway was nightmare. Still did it on my first try with him at 100 ops points.

If he didn’t have boosters I might’ve agreed

Try using your boosters. It’s difficult, but possible. If you took the Upwards Boost helix, even better.

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Yeah Toby’s boosters helped quite a bit but S&A made me scream a couple times. It was more funny than aggravating though.

Just…a bit… further…WHACK! Dammit!

I almost died with Montana. But it’s still not THAT bad…

Lol, guess I am just bad at the game.
I could get all the way except for the last 2 shields but couldn’t seem to get them. I am on a slightly laggy connection which doesn’t help the timing.

I’ll give it a few days and try again.