Toby's "Killing On Rails" challenge a bit unfair

Disclaimer: I don’t want any of the challenges to be easy. There are far too many that I think are actually a bit too easy.

Toby’s PvP-only lore challenge, “Killing On Rails”, requires you to get 10 double kills with Core Discharge.

I think this is a bit unfair because:

  1. Core Discharge does fairly meagre damage and can only hit one enemy at a time
  2. Core Discharge can be instantly interrupted by any CC, including during its charge-up time, but still goes on cooldown
  3. Core Discharge has a very limited range, which is contrary to his territorial role and general squishiness

Again, I don’t want the challenge to be easy, but this just seems too circumstantial to really be a ‘challenge’. I’d be more likely to luck-out and get it than to actually be able to work towards it.

I’d suggest making it just require 25 player kills with Core Discharge (rough figure), or alternatively just requiring a large amount of total damage dealt (Which would also let players progress towards it in PvE too).


That does seem rather ridiculously hard. The lore challenges really do swing between easy af and stupidly hard


Yeah, I was considering making a post about what challenges need to be harder, but that’ll need to go in a different section to be relevant

His Ultimate is very hard to aim and you can’t miss very much for the enemy to die from. It has bad range, little damage and makes him even slower for his health dropping. The Three shot helix makes it somewhat better but it still does bad damage and limited range. No error to miss either with his slow speed.

Core Discharge in general is just a very poorly built skill. It deals lots of damage but requires so much in terms of resources (time, range, a huge amount of the screen) that it’s worthless to me. Even with the tri-shot helix upgrade I don’t like using it very much.

His skills are glitch and dont scale in damage has he levels up
This seems to have be fixed or maybe it was just that one game.
Apart from his shield

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I agree with this 100%

I’m a rank 13 Toby and have completed all of the lore challenges…Expect this one. I only got one double kill with core discharge due to stupid luck.

I think Toby as a charater is fine. The lore challenge, isn’t.

SAME, right on launch date used Orendi, won 5 matches, and stayed with Toby 'til level 18 and played about 80+ matches and only 1/10 core double discharge and I even finished kamikaze temper temper ta-boom lore in the first 20+ matches

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I also agree. Toby is not meant to play close up where the skill works best, which is a position Toby should never be in, as he is squishy. Not to mention it impairs your movement and puts you in a spot that Toby will die. It will never work against good players.

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Agreed challenge is way to unfair, Probably the hardest lore challenge I have seen.
Not to mention you only have 6 seconds to get 2 kills and the ultimate isnt even that strong.

The lore challenge should be changed to something else, and possible have the skill looked at. Personally I hate the range on it.


Just the range? I hate the whole ultimate. I don’t even bother using it untill I get the slow effect at level 10.


I am i would consider a rogue player ive played 50 games with the ping wingand that double kill is crazy hard,

firstly the set up time too long i gotta do 2-3k damage before i press the ult which has a 1.5 second charge time before it fires,

im not upset by the damage it has or the range these are about inline with the other ults this challenge is just nuts,

i have completed all of the lore on orendi and shane and yes i had to build differently and take time doing it they were enjoyable. this one sucks i brough the game because of toby seeing him at an insomnia event and i dont think im gonna ever get that lore challenge

sucks really


A lot of people seem to think the damage is ok. Frankly, I do more damage, and more reliably, if I just use his charged shots. Not that I really want his charged shots to get nerfed, but his ultimate should definitely feel more powerful than normal attacks somehow. Because of the charge-up time, limited range and the slower movement penalty, there has never been a single instance in PvP where I have thought the ult would benefit me in any way.

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I think the ultimate might be worth it if it could pierce allies/enemies. Let it fire past your allies and hit more then one opponent at a time if they are all in it’s path. After all, it’s a big friggin laser. It’s shouldn’t stop just because it hits Orendi’s arm. This would make it more of an AoE attack, which in turn would make getting a double-kill a bit easier as you can be hitting multiple enemies at one time.

For an ultimate it has too many draw backs. What I would change:

  1. Allow the player to chose when to fire it off by replacing your main attack with the laser.

  2. It should not hinder Toby’s movement speed, he is too squishy as it is, and it already loses to CC.

  3. The damage is okay for clearing lanes etc. But its DOT is slow and will never kill a good player’s hero.

  4. The Mod that shoots powerful beams would be 100x better if it was, once again, controlled by the player. IT should replace one of the main attack button. The timed intervals is too constrictive.

  5. Give it a damage buff is used with Toby’s shield. Maybe make it to where any mods put into your railgun such as the spread attack, bigger beams, and piercing damage also modify the laser when shot through the shield.

  6. Give Toby his ability to use his other abilities like his dashes, his zoom, and his arc mines would make it better.

All these changes will help play to Toby’s strengths while making it better but not broken.

However, I also believe Toby needs some fundamental changes.

  1. His particle beam needs to be charged and is slow without the shield. I understand that this is meant to balance Toby out, but without a shield all Toby can do is lane clear. The railgun should shoot as fast as it does without the shield up, and the shield should provide a damage boost. Rather than the shield, the amount a player charges the rail gun should affect damage + speed. Instead the shield should only give minor modifications.

  2. Slightly increase Toby’s shield or HP. Reason? He is a HUGE target. Yes he is a sniper and shouldn’t be played in the front lines, and he has a shield, but these do not make up for his poor mobility (the dashes are meh and may also need a slight buff in distance), but once the first sentinel dies Toby becomes a really easy target to kill. I wouldn’t give Toby Both shield and HP buffs but he needs one.

  3. He base shield needs slightly more HP. Toby does the best when camping the overlooks but his shield is far too weak, and his main mechanic relying on his shield means his shield needs to be much better than it is.

  4. As a passive his boosters don’t make a ton of sense because he needs to play from a distance. If they were made slightly better, in conjunction with a hp or shield buff, he could be really good at playing tunnels. Maybe continue on with the “Titan Fall” mimicry and allow Toby to chain all his dashes together?

  5. The helix:

  • Arc Vortex: needs a slightly bigger pull in radius and it should be slightly stronger

  • Upward boost: At first I thought it should be changed into a hover that gradually eats away at your boost charges (wink wink). However, instead of changing it, if they increase the range of boost it would also fix this skill. As it stands, the double jump is extremely lack luster.

  • Overcompensating should potentially be moved so that it can be stacked with Beam Splitter? (IDK wishful thinking)

Final thoughts: I do not think any of the changes suggested would put ruin the initial concept of Toby. I also feel that they would give him a bit more utility on the battlefield. Just food for thought.

I agree with most of your suggestions, I think his has to rely on his shield too much. You have to shoot through it with the +25% damage buff for you to be doing good damage.

I do like your idea that the more you charge it the faster it goes. I kind of feel like shooting normally should be a more aoe blast (considering the projectile) and when using the shield it should be more pinpoint.

I think i saw someone mention that the arc mine stops pulling once they reach the center. Which seems a bit lame it should constantly pull inwards.

I think his upward boost would also be a lot more appealing if you could boost up then in a direction

My friend who mains Toby had a terrible time with this. So we made two parties and just kept requeing into pvp till we got matched with each other. We then let him power level off of us and then set him up to get the double kills. So we basicaly tanked a teams pvp match just to unlock a ridiculous lore challenge.


Just curious as to the functionality of the challenge.

“get double kills with”

What if you get a kill without it, then get the second (double) kill with the laser?
Like. You throw down a mine and start charging your laser, then the mine kills someone. and you kill someone else with the discharge?

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Not fully sure, but either way it would be easier trying to get double kills with his normal cannon. It does more DPS for me than his ulti, and doesn’t have a cooldown or range limit.

I’d be ok if it had some PvE alternative, where you don’t have other players poaching kills or getting in your way. Maybe getting say, 4 kills in a single ult, 10 times would work. Or just make it “Do 25,000 damage with ult” or something

Anything would make this easier. Nobody should have to set up entire matches just to get this done.

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oh just found out triple and quad kills dont count with it i got a fluke 4 man kill and no lore doublekill

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