Toby's lore has been messing up on me

Killing on the rails has been a fun challenge and stressful one to but I should have already completed it. The reason is their is a problem with the kill counter I have achieved 10/10 of the double kills but 3 did not count. I found out the hard way that if you get the second kill with his ultimate and it ends the exact same time the second player dies and even though it says you got a double kill on screen it wont count towards the lore so I have to do 13+/10 for lore because of this. Has anyone else had this problem?

Ugh I know what you mean I have been trying to work on Toby and I feel he is by far the hardest to 100% lore. I got lucky in a game where they were all playing a squishy and still only got 2…

Yeah but I just got a video of it messing up and I’m at 8/10 and this has happened 5 times now.

And its not always at end of the ult either its anytime it wants to not count as a double kill for killing on the rails and its ticking me off!! here is my proof

Well I finished it 2 days ago took me 15+ double kills so yeah Toby lore sucks. No offense but to me it does.

Has there been any developer response on this? This sounds like far and away the hardest lore challenge. Hopefully an easier lore challenge or a better ult are in the works.

They’re changing it to require one double kill, although it is still pretty hard.

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