Toby's Lore, Killing on Rails, Double-Kill Core Discharge

Not sure if this falls under multiplayer or under the rogue category, but Toby’s Lore challenge relating to his Ultimate is outrageous versus everyone else that revolves around using their Ultimate.

I am sure everyone who is a fan of Toby and advance difficulty characters understand this is ridiculous. If anyone has used Toby before and did not like him his ULT is core discharge which is a beam that adds up to 1.5k damage IF!!! it lands all those hits. If you played this game on launch date where everyone was around 1 to level 5 you had a easier, but still ridiculous chance at getting 2 battleborns killed if they were both at 25% health and that is with some accuracy error when switching between both targets. Now with everyone around 10 and up and having damage reduction, that beam does very to no damage at all ANYMORE. Only chance to even get 1/10 for that lore is if both are at 5% health and your team either helps you on stunning them and letting you finish them off “IF” his beam charges up before the CC wears off or your team kills them.

In short:

Toby’s Lore to Master him has to be replaced or BUFF HIS ULT to take into account damage resitancy and charge up time, OPTIONAL: Change “Killing on Rail” for killing ONE BATTLEBORN an X amount of times (ex. Kill up to 50 or 25 people with core discharge).

Thanks for the time. Hope the Devs. see this or anyone else post about Toby.

FYI: Everyone else Lore’s are easy and some are just lengthy, but easy, and for those involving playing on a team of certain players from a full team to about 3 battleborns of the same group (it involves making new friends to temporarily get things done, that simple.)

Update: Toby version 2.1 is coming in a patch, woot.

This could also be an alternative to the Lore:
Killing Benedict 10 times with core discharge, lol. (spoiler-Ish side-note)


I’ve been playing a lot of Toby. Lvl12, and his ULT isn’t working properly. I tested it’s dmg, and it doesn’t do 300dmg/s, it only does 80dmg/s. Tried against bots and players.

His ult is one of the worst for being exposed to being killed.

The small ticks arent damage/sec thats less than a second, but at a second it should add up to 250(Assuming you not running skill damage, which is more than 250, but not a lot) or less dependin if a battleborn has damage reduction. So those small ticks grouped up by 4-5 ticks adds up to one second

Completely agree that this ultimate is simply trash. If you’re actually fighting a player, the charge up time and movement speed reduction is way too bad to justify using. Properly charging primary attacks is simply better in almost every case. The 10 double kill lore is the only reason I even cast the stupid thing but after about 10 games I don’t have any doubles yet.

It really is, I laughed when I saw it in his lore and just assumed I’d never get him to max so I left him alone. I mean, his rail gun does more damage than that thing while having more range and the ability to use his boosts and shields.

IF a game even lasts to lvl 10, you can get the burst laser which has some range on it and get a chance to do some damage but I really just don’t understand what his ult is supposed to be doing. You can’t move fast so it’s not a finisher, you cant attack at range with it so it’s not a nuke, it lowers your damage output AND defensive capabilities. It’s an ult that when popped, makes toby worse, instead of better.

ATM if I even use him, I use the ult for large enemies like thrall because it’s more fun than rail gun spam… but I realy don’t notice a damage difference.

For something that seems to want to get multikills, why does it not penetrate targets while my primary cannon can?

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Even with the left side of the helix at level 10 unlocked, you reduce your 1.5k stream for 3 shots each being 250 and adding up to 750 in total. So even then since the ULT can’t penetrate its pointless to use that unless they are 25% or less big time with those 3 shots only. P.S. Battleborns website shows they buffed his ult by 100 points since the last time they changed their website to their current game (

Personally, I say they just lower the number on the lore challenge to maybe 1 or 2 (MAYBE 3). I mean, Ghalt has to get 10 first bloods and that’s rough as hell as well considering the first person you’re likely to encounter is Rath/Galz who can just stun you and kill you in 4 seconds.

Thats sounds even more reasonable!!!

One thing about lore challenges is that they should not, in anyway, gimp you or your team overall performance. Something like “Air kill” with come naturally but then, we have Toby’s ult lore.

I feel like the whole concept needs to be changed. Even if the amount of time is reduced to 1, it still isn’t good enough.

Why? Because for an ult with such a long cast time and so on, it’s weaker than a single charged shot late game. That’s the most disappointing part. You are purposefully gimping yourself by playing with a weaker damage, longer charge time ,shorter range and shorter speed projectile for the sake of a lore that can affect your team. It really needs to be toned down to single-kill so you can actually do it mid-game or switch to “Kill X Enemies” in general so it can be done in PvE where the ult is still pitiful cause headshot and AoE DoT wins PvE.

Yeah i like Toby but i stopped playing because of its ult, its so useless that it feels like you only have 2 skills instead of 3.
They really need to buff his ult.

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Have his ult push and stun. That’'ll fix its problems. Just trap some players on a wall for the duratio… Or push them off a cliff!

that would be over powered as all hell, i think it needs a lower charge up time 3 seconds is basically a lifetime in pvp,

and it would be much better as a nuke weapon massive damage in a shortish burst that penetrates enemies in front of it
say 2 second burst at 6* the damage(might be broken its an idea )

but defiantly adding a stun is too much and the thing is so short range a push is a terrible idea as ur forcing the large paper thin toby yet closer to that place he does not wanna be near

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100% agree.
Toby is my second character to master, and after benedict and the “3 hours flying” and “Make 3 friends you ***hole” challenges, I expected him to be an easier character to get the lore.

Well, then I saw that you needed to do 10 double kills with an ultimate that:
-Waste a lot of time charging
-Reduces your movement speed
-Makes you hard to see the enemies
-And don’t even do that much damage

43 games with him trying to do that challenge and… I got 4/10.

The rest of his challenges are easy, you can do 2 of them without even paying attention, and the other 2 (The destroy your mines and the self destroying killing thingy) you can do both easily in a pve mission.

I think his ultimate needs a buff (beside the challenge change, the benedict one is good)

When you throw your ult, if the enemy team knows toby, is like saying: KILL ME, I’M EXPOSED AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT.

Just Finished this solo,

i played capture three white items one for sheild the other for skill damage and last a 0 cost heal power negative shard generator,

7 done in 4 hours of grinding its easier on outback due to the nice lines of fire play for the minions to get lvl5 super fast there are turrets o the corners for extra exp and i now have a pentakill and posative kda on him, id almost pick another character incase temples is chosen as that one is pure hell

still think this needs changing though


Yeah, this challenge is super hard.
I consider myself to be a decent Toby player. In good, evenly matched games, I tend to get 14-20 kills. I’ve played over 100 games with toby and I’m only at 4/10 It feels like you just have to get SUPER lucky to get a double kill with it. It doesn’t feel particularly skill-based.

It isn’t. Is almost all luck based. You need: Both enemies low on health, both low mobility characters or slowed, being characters without shields (No galilea, Isic, Boldur, even Ambra with the passive…) and having a Healer, or both enemies low damage dealers, because in 6 seconds + the charge time + being slow throwing the ultimate is SO easy to kill you before you kill them…
Oh, almost forgot that allies can steal 1 of the kills.

Only in 1/10 games you will have the opportunity of having at least half of this requirements, and even with that is as easy as a Marquis/Thorn/ any ally last hit one of the enemies and you are done.

I’m at 4/10 too. u_u

you dont actually require both to be low hp thats the MYTH,

in caps so people see it


you can get the 1st kill on a high hp target. then kill off the lower hp target with your ult i have done the 1st kill with both quick attacks, pushing off the edge, rail gun (both through and not through a shield)

i have found if u got a triple qudra and i assume a pentakill (i have 2 pentas on my toby :slight_smile: ) that it does not count oddly and i think the arc mine does not either but i tend to take the stun and use it early

play outback capture i can assure you once u understand this it is very much skill based… proirtise exp until 5 learn the minion spawn time (i kinda did this subconsiously so dont know it) then follow a team mate about and fight some fights.

Normally I don’t condone Kill Stealing, but Toby calls them Kill Secures and is “sorry but I’m just doing my job”

hope this helps

I know, I’ve done 2 “doubles kills” that way, but sometimes doesn’t works…

In a game agains low level enemies I had done 3 “Double kills” that way, but it only counted one. That’s why I said “Both low”, to secure that you get the challenge.

I love using Toby. He actually requires some skill to use (mainly because his ultimate is so under powered) and as a character, I think he is awesome. Its a wonder that I was able to get 2/10 double kills with the core discharge so far, but considering I started trying for it at launch, that’s not saying much. Any idea when the next patch is due?

I’m slowly doing the lore challenge as I go and the best way I found is that rare occasion where it’s Toby v Reyna and both are level 5. If Reyna throws up her bubble shield ult away, it goes through her ult and they just kinda run around trying to figure out what is damaging them. This is on consoles though so I’m not sure how much smarter PC players are but some console players aren’t the brightest sometimes.