Toby's Lore, Killing on Rails, Double-Kill Core Discharge

Terrible lore. There’s a lot of them.

Im torn on this cause I do not like his legendary gear item and would never use it. However i do like reading lore about people. I really dont see me ever getting his 10 double kills.

I have managed to get a single double kill using Toby’s ultimate attack.

One thing to keep in mind, you just need to get the SECOND kill with it. So you can wear down two enemies using traditional means, kill one using any skill and then kill the second using the ultimate.

Still fairly ridiculous and not something I’ve going to pursue.

I now have got beaten all other characters Lore (sorry for my Bad english) in Order to get Platinum… Holy f*** there was a Lot of Sh*t in this game from farming 1000 kills with a bellyflop to 10 First bloods but this is pure pain from the backside… I just started Toby but Jesus this ult is more than useless… I read all the comments about that only the second kill has to be ultimate… Is there any Patch that will change the ult or the Lore? When does it Come? Thx for the help

I feel like they could keep the challenge the same if they just allowed this to be done on Versus Private. I am truly interested in Toby’s lore and I wish that it was easier to get.

I have everyone else done except for Whiskey (I need like 13 more Oscar Mike kills) but Toby I have been putting off in hopes that this gets changed. I feel like everyone else’s is pretty easy to get and that makes this challenge stand out so much to me. Ghalt’s first blood honestly isn’t bad once you master the hook-trap combo. But this is pure luck, I can’t tell you how many times kills have been stolen from me as I’m getting close to getting the double kill. If it was made doable from Versus Private then that would make everyone happier, and introduce more people to the amazing lores that Battleborn has.

Well… his challenge has officially been changed to require only ONE double kill with core discharge. Suddenly, I’m noticing a lot more people playing Toby, (which i guess is a good thing) but also ticks me off a bit as I completed it long ago and was proud of that fact that very few of us had the master of Toby title. Now that only one double kill is required (which cmon, this is EASY), anyone can get this.

Oh well. I (and anyone else brave enough to attempt/complete this before it was made easier) will know we had it first. I know this is stupid, but anyone else complete Killing on Rails when it was still a challenge (no matter what console)?

fear not, the update prevents his title and legendary from unlocking for the plenty of us that had more than 1 but less than 10 and played him to level 15

Toby was my 7th mastery I completed it with help from my friends. I had them play kelvin and deande for a double group stun and I would pop my ult while the chain stunning was happening and would get about 2-3 double kills with it a game doing this strategy

Wow. That I didn’t know… In the immortal words of Toby; “Sorry about that.”

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That’s one way to do it. Certainly would have been quicker. Unfortunately (and somehow unbelievably), not a single one of my friends got Battleborn, so when I decided I wanted to use Toby, that lore challenge took me quite a while to get solo.

no it is not easy at least not for me I am already level 15 with Toby and have 0 yes 0 double kills with his ultimate… I have 5 double kills with him in total but none where I finish with his ultimate, so it might be easy for you but it sure isn’t for everyone