Toby's Mine pull bugged?

Each time I enable the Mine pull in the Helix it is pushing Thrall away like mad.
Is this a known bug?

It’s just the physics itself. For example say you use it on a player who’s running away then the pull will take account to that and you’ll probably see the person flying back.

I only play PvE, this is happening every single time.
On Sabo for example if I toss the nade on the small playforms in the 2nd stage the Thrall will fly in all directions, none of them remain around the nade.

This is because the Arc Mine is trying to constantly pull enemies into the center but they get pulled outside or near the mine thus causing them to fly

Even if it is only one Thrall it does not pull EVER it only pushes them away like a fierce force.

I was up against a toby one match who, sadly for him, picked the pull with arcmine, and it was doing nothing to me. I remember him putting it behind me one time and I just ran through it without any problem whatsoever, aside from it pulling me backwards by maybe an inch, at most.

To the actual post itself, the arcmine pull is really wonky with how it works, for story missions I’d usually if not always go with the slow, and PvP I’d go with the stun. To me the pull isn’t viable as it’s way too unpredictable and has little to no effect sometimes.

…Agree, only leveling Toby, don’t really like the way things balance and I’m having a hard time surviving in Advanced mode.

You basically only stand behind your shield, get the health regen, and kill things before they get to you. (Or run, or have allies who can help out) He’s great at killing things/doing damage, you just have to play him as a sniper-type character.

…In advanced mode I have not found one area where the Thrall do not kill the shield instantly.
It’s totally useless in most areas.
On the beginning of The Sentinel, instant destruction.
On Sabo, the outside area where Distruptors usually kill your entire team, instant destruction.

edit: Just went back, tried the shield in normal hardcore on Sabo, got Gold, shield worked well.
Obviously the shield is only junk in Advanced mode.

Definitely have the same problem with the pull mutation. Seems very useful but when it doesn’t work it leaves Toby without one of his CC effects. Hopefully it gets fixed soon

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It does pretty well for me when I play him. I’ve done the Sentinel multiple times on Advanced with him solo and the shield did just fine. Maybe it has something to do with your placement/how quick you’re killing things? It’s not meant to be like Isic’s rotating wards, or like a tank’s damage absorption shield, it’s moreover a tool to improve your damage/sniping abilities first, and then it provides minimal amounts of cover. I’ve had a game where someone on my team played Marqueef and I did over double his total damage, while only taking around 8,000 damage on Advanced, it’s just a character that needs some getting used to, is all. Just like Toby says, 'I believe in you buddy!" Paraphrasing slightly, but still, maybe the character isn’t suited for you?

Haven’t tested it solo on that map but advanced with a team, try it, the nastier Thrall there kill it instantly no matter where you place it, you can put it on a ledge far from them and boom it’s gone.

I have, multiple times, and each time I’ve usually gotten the most damage/kills, least damage taken, no respawns, and a fair number of revives, if memory serves correctly. I personally don’t have much of an issue with using it, though I do think a bit more health/damage reduction on the shield would be handy, or something to make it a bit more durable.

Guess I’ll have to make a video so other people believe me about these two issues. :smile:

Update: How to reproduce the wild mine toss bug…
Sabo Advanced.
The part with the outside stairs you have to activate, and a nasty Disruptor is usually at the top waiting.
On the two sides you can use to go down and activate the stairs there will be armored Thrall.
Get one to come after you and toss a mine in the path right in front of them.
They will fly off the walkway into the dark unknown, fiercely.

Did you ever figure out the mine pull thing? Just looking for some ideas for Toby PvE (esp. story ops) gear suggestions and ran across this…

…Turns out any of the heavy thrall with shields get pushed away hard instead of pulled.
It’s hilarious at times. You can see this in any Story map.

Interesting. Any tips gear-wise for PvE penguin play? My first attempt was not pretty…

…Speed and health regen in Advanced Story, the heavy thrall destroy the shield instantly.

Health regen is better then max shield or shield regen then? I noticed that Toby’s shield bursts like a soap bubble at 90 Ops Points…

Correct, in the OPs missions keep Toby running. Drop mines, safe to stay there.

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