Toby's new taunt is pretty dope

Love the new taunt that is out. Anyone else think so?

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I can’t check it because PSN is out. What is it? I only saw reyna’s great one

Oh ■■■■, my two year old ■■■■■■■ loves Toby, there’s no way I can’t get that.

Toby is launched into air doing karate moves and finally berg catches him (I thought a lot of people hate reynas new taunt)

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A lot of people do but I don’t

Seconded. That dead drop is too fantastic. Super fitting for main bae Reyna.

I immediately bought it when I saw it. I love it so much, but all his taunts are cool… It’s SO hard to choose which taunt to use!
Luckily all his skins are ugly af so it’s not hard to choose which skin to go with.(Regular skin all the way!)

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Ya I have trouble choosing which of Toby’s taunts to use. Reyna’s taunt is sick too. Reyna is bae <3