Toby's Overcharge is numbing my hands. (Xbox User)

Someone needs to calm down the rumble effect on the charge of Toby’s railgun. Is it on purpose so you don’t keep it held or is that just to show its power? And it’s murder on my controllers battery. Any others got any complaints or am I just being a bitch?

I had that problem trying him too, just go to your options in the game and turn off controller vibration :wink:

Noticed it straight away, thought my controller was going to fall apart lol. I switched off vibration in the options ASAP

That’s right when railgun is charged full, I thought ‘oh my controller gonna die?? Finally be like bomb…??’

I have the same problem myself. It’s a hassle to go turn off vibration everytime I want to play as Toby. This is something that definitely needs to be fixed.

Just leave it off, it adds nothing to the game to periodically throw your aim off by vibrating your sticks