Toby's problems review

So, first off, I am aware that GBX is currently trying to fix toby, if he was as good as he should be, there wouldn’t be so many buff suggestions

Basically I’m here saying why he’s not good for PvP (in solo pve he is actually really good by the way)

-Velocity is too slow for a sniper-ish character.

-that said, he dps is too low for a sniper-ish character (He’s supposed to be complimentary to benedict if I am correct)

-His shield ability is too weak late game

-his arc-mine augments are not as powerful as they maybe should be (mainly the pull)

-He is large

-And yet he is squishy

-his ultimate has tons of problems

This you’ve probably read before about toby eveen if you havent playeed him, but let me explain how this translates in game

Toby is stuck behind a shield. Even if you land all perfectly charged shots from inside the shield, they will not die by the timeee they break it/get past it. Then they get past it, or break it, and you shoot them, but to no avail either miss or don’t do nearly enough damage. even if you hit them with your arc mine, they still kill you with a good part of their health left. They may not have even used their abilities.

Toby is with a teammate and killing someone. Anyone. Even montana. They run or use an ability to get away if they are slower. No kill. If you follow, you get killed. if you stay, they run away, refill health, and scenario a happens. or, teammate gets the kill, but leaves you alone to die.

I believe Toby was made with the idea of having a teammate near him while he fights. I’m sure in incursion he’s basically a sniper only. In capture, he doesn’t get a lot of anything since he can’t snipe in either of those maps for nearly as long as thorn or marquis. in meltdown, its somewhere in the middle. With a teammate though, toby becomes the .7 more in the fight (like a skirmisher kind of) however he’s way too big and slow, so he still dies. A lot.

And you can try to use his ult, but enemies will still have better dps on you since they can actually move and you cant.

Really hopes he gets reworked a bit (or a lot) with the same idea of a buddy battleborn. Hee’s kind of supposed to be an all around helper. A little bit of control with the arc mine effects, a little bit of damage with his railgun/ult, a little bit of buff support with healing over time and atk speed increease near his shield, of some defense with his shield. He’s just not enough of any of that to be s viable anything

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I think centering a majority of his damage potential around a large, destructable shield isn’t working as well in practice as on paper and they’ve painted themselves into a corner on it, because if they give it too much health, then he’s way over powered.

His ult should lock on to the first enemy in range and burn them down, switching targets as it goes. The way it is now it can’t even go toe to toe with oscar Mike.

tbh They just need to make his ult have less of a charge up time and/or deal more damage. I think his core kit is fine, his stun on the arc mines is really good, especially in pvp.

The stun sounds nice, but halfway through the game you’re cowering behind a sheild hoping you can deal enough damage from afar before they see the giant mech and unless they are a melee character or disrupter (galt) the arc mine has no use. Small aoe, slow travel time, it’s useful in keeping people out of your site, and not much more. It cant kill alone and the railgun progectiles are too slow to hit/kill with or without the arcmine. The problem resides within both the ultimate and the need of a 500 health shield.

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Yeah. I think they saw it as “500 health, that will last longer than a normal shield…” but it actually doesn’t, because it’s large and doesn’t move, unlike characters. One thing I’ve noticed too is he has trouble getting good snipes on enemies because as they move toby can lose track of them with the lines of the shield upstructing his view somewhat. Kinda frustrating to snipe as toby, I much rather play benedict in PvP.

PvE however, he works as intended and is actually good. At least solo. 5 man the shield breaks in one hit from anything so he becomes a large DPS basically. Not as hard to hit AI as it is to hit players.

Yeah, and there’s no good way to fix that shield without putting him into godtier.
He works good as an ambush sniper using the shield to finish with his level 1 helix buff.

Maybe a helix for less shield health plus -50% cooldown would compliment that style a bit and let him become more of a stick and move sniper as the situation warrants.

I don’t think toby was ever meant to be a sniper though. Nothing about him his character model or his peersonality or discriptions or even abilities really says “sniper”. They say “territorial” kind of like a mono-directional ranged galilea. I think the reason he’s played as a sniper is because he cant hold any territory the way galilea can, or even montana (who is more of a ranged brawler) can. I think that Toby is going to need some precise buffing if they want to make him work the way he was supposed to, that way they hit the sweet spot between “god tier” and “useless”. That said, I think galilea will get a buff in the future, minor, but i think she’s a little lacking right now. They hit her with some really big numbers.

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Yeah the stun is good for mid game team fights and if the enemy team have a meleer or someone that is trying to get near you, you use it do stop them from doing that. If your team has poor lane clear I would get the slow because it helps slow waves down in order for you to clear them. The arc mines pull targets in mutation needs to be scrapped for something else maybe something that doesn’t involve the mines.

I think they should make his shield a box that “drop” before deploying.

If you shoot the shield, it disappear (And any effect it give), but you still have the “box” on the ground that will recharge after a while, and redeploy eventually.
They could even change his Helix who make it bigger to an option to have 2 deployed instead of 1 (But can’t be deployed in the same area of the first one)

I don’t really have a problem with anything other than core discharge, and the lore challenge related to core discharge, “killing on rails”. I wouldn’t MIND a buff to his shield, but ever since they fixed Marquis" ability to shoot on the stairways on Overgrowth without exposing himself, i haven’t had a problem with ANY other part of Toby’s kit. He is probably one of the best solo PVE characters, and while i don’t like losing my damage bonus when my shield goes down, Toby is honestly strong enough without it; you don’t even have to snipe with him.

I think both are equally good in their own ways-ish, but not very snipery. Because I still don’t believee he’s meant to be a sniper. Actually, His optimal range is just a little bit below that of a sniper, about as far as his arcmine goes up intil like a meter in front of his shield is how he should be, that’s how it is in story, however if they’ree that closee toby often dies because his dps is too low once his extremely weak shield is gone.

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see, from what I’veee done with him, he’s just a little worse on the “real” dps in pvp. I agree, in PvE he almost works a little too well. I can do thje sentinel mission in almost 30 minutes and kill each boss with only one break of the chest armor (well three on the last one, since he becomes invincible twice) I think tuning is needed to make him more optimal at his suggested range and possibly a little less optimal at marquis’ range.

(by real dps I mean damage with all things accounted. Bullet velocity, abilities, mobility and character size.)

I really like this idea. The ability to gain the shield back allows for more of a usefulness and supports the team better.

Ah, I should have been more specific. At range (especially Marquis range), Toby definitely needs help. I usually play him in a guerrilla-style, come up from behind, unleash hell, then boost away kind of way; so i rarely have this problem.

So kind of like an assassin? only, very large and verbally annoying for the other team? although it sounds about as counter intuitive as sniping with a giant mech, it sounds like it might work better than sniping. I’ll have to try to tob-sassinate next time. theoretically, it may work, there was one or two times where I set up my shield perpendicular to a marquis and killed him because he didn’t see me.

Still assassin and sniper don’t really seem like “Guy with a robot and a shield” but, you know, when tuning happens for his ultimate, I’m sure they may tune him so he can have a frontal approach.

Huge squishy target, bad ultimate and railgun is pretty much useless when not shooting through the shield with the must have 25% damage bonus.

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exactly. He can’t snipe without his easily broken shield, he can’t defend because of his easily broken shield and his easily broken mech and he can’t run in and out because he only has three boosts. he’s a good builder though, I’ll give him that.

Not to forget his video game boss like weakspot. His crit-zone is pretty much the biggest in the game as Toby himself is the entire crit-zone. Also as he is located in the middle of the mech he is way too easy to hit and even missed shots will still hit the mech. Given this he should have 3times the health of Montana (as his crit-spot is puny and on his models upper end).


What if his hit box was similar to the guardian enemies in that unless you actually hit toby with the direct attack it wont do any damage and AoE’s deal reduced damage. Atleast from what I’ve noticed guardians don’t appear to resist DoT’s. This might allow him the survivability to properly utilize his zone control-esque skill kit without having to do major overhauls to the kit itself.

However Core discharge needs an overhaul in itself.

I don’t mind the charge up time before it fires. However its like lighting a giant firecracker just to get the equivalent of a pop rock.

Thoughts on how to tweak it were:

Make the beam diameter much wider. Maybe about 5x the diameter of his size boosted railgun shot and have the beam penetrate enemies, allies, and terrain.

This effectively leaves it’s single target damage the same but gives it a dramatic increase to crowd sweeping which I feel like was the original intent of this skill.

I think if they did that and decreased toby’s weapon damage a bit he’d have much more the intended role (maybe not invincible in areas, but have the limbs take reduced damage)

Honestly, whatever they do to his ult is better than what it is now.