Toby's quotes compendium

as an avid toby player i have to say some of the quotes are truly hilarious i am trying to find a place outside of the game where i can find them but failed.

so thought id start one here.

the ones i remember due to the hectic game play is not as many as id like (and will add to as i play)

HEY enemy team i left you something. Its a cake i swear I SWEAR!!!

I WARNED YOU… did warn you… i should have warned you, consider this a warning.

I’m sorry, i’m just doing my job.

wait till i tell my therapist…

aw come on im not that good

i belive in you budd#y ur doing great

thats awesome

i deserved that

there are more but i dont remember the exact wording but feel free to help out id be interested in the ones for ulting and other character interactions (dont use the ult much its kinda meh)

edited once with more

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Ahem. My personal favorite. (Because it’s true)


You can find a complete list of quotes on YouTube. That being said, my favorite quote from him is:

Upon respawning: “Call me cute; SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! cute hiccuping sound DAMN IT!!”