Toby's "The Double-Hugs" legendary needs to be nerfed

It’s likely the best character-specific legendary in the game. When you can potentially stun an opponent for 4 seconds, while still doing pretty decent mine damage (along with damage you can provide), it makes it very overpowered in terms of function. Considering that the cooldown time for Arc Mines is 15 seconds, I feel like their should be a cooldown penalty along with the damage penalty (probably 40-50%). No other character in the game has the capacity to have a stun that lasts that long.


Well, Deande has a stun that lasts pretty long, though it is tied to her Ult. Ghalt could also pull people into a trap, then thrown one down in front or behind and stun again for another two seconds, so why not nerf his traps as well?

Let’s not forget Toby has to hit you directly with his arc mine, which has a travel time, to get the stun off, and it has a max range, so it’s not like he can stun someone for four seconds from across the map, and constantly be getting Railgun headshots.


Deande’s is shorter than Toby’s.
That’s Ghalt’s entire character, not a single piece of gear.

Toby has a large hitbox (Or should I say Berg?) and supposedly a large critbox. Also, Toby’s is 2 seconds, but only if you land a direct hit with it, which can be taken by allies, or even minions, so it’s still not even e guaranteed stun either time. I don’t have a problem with his lore Legendary, as I don’t really see many Toby’s in PvP or PvE. It would be the exact same as asking for Galilea’s Legendary to be nerfed, or Orendi’s, or Reyna’s. I think they should do something unique and effective, something some of them currently don’t, while others do decently, and others potentially change the character completely, which might be what you’re seeing with Toby. I wouldn’t say it’s overpowered, just that it requires teamwork or a change in tactics to overcome, like most new things.

Buff Toby’s Ult and his shield’s base health first, then we’ll talk.


Toby’s stun is probably getting reduced down to 1-1.5 seconds like every other stun outside of Kelvin and Gali soon. Won’t be an issue then


Good point

Ah… I was wondering when this thread would pop up. I remember the first few matches i used The Double Hug in, and how i stopped using it, because i felt more dirty than i’ve ever felt doing something in a game’s PVP mode. I mean… There is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do about it when that first mine hits; just stare up at you with eyes that beg for mercy, as you put a fully charged, crit-built railgun shot in thier face. As much as i feel that Toby’s force field and health could use a small buff, i do 100% agree that the double stun NEEDS to go; though i also feel that his stun mine duration should be left alone, as it requires a direct hit.


Read my post directly above
None of them are staying the same but specialized stunners

1-2 Toby nerf and poor little guy will be unplayable. Large hitbox, slow movement, weak shield, slow projectile, slow movement speed for the mine, low health, what is left for him?


I did, and immediately noted the key word there: “probably”. Usually when people use that word, it means thier post has no data to back it up, and is merely an opinion… like my post.

Not that i don’t agree that it WILL be nerfed, as Gearbox seems intent on all but removing some characters’ CC lately, but unless you can PROVE it, i would remove your “probably”, as it is WAY out of context then.

I agree he definitely needs something but I don’t think it needs to come from increased damage or Health. I think his force field need an hp boost. I’ve thrown the idea out there for triple hp and double cooldown for it before and I still think it sounds pretty reasonable

That’s exactly why i HOPE they just target The Double Hug’s double stun, and leave his regular stun duration alone; though if Gearbox DID reduce it to 1.5 seconds, i would be content, as that is plenty of time for me to land 1-2 devastating headshots.

Well I can’t prove anything
So you got me there but I most certainly have data to back it up

It’s towards the bottom and I would like to note that Toby’s is most definitely not a specialized stun

No, he’s not; but @kazuma92 is correct in saying that Toby LITERALLY has no other CC, so such a nerf (say, changing his stun to one second), would go a long way towards making him impossible to play, because ANY melee character could flank and kill you with ease. I hope Gearbox sees this…

Either way, i certainly HOPE they leave him be; and Andy says hope is a good thing, maybe the BEST thing. I hope Toby’s stun duration is left alone. I hope the upcoming story DLC is as fun as it is in my dreams. I HOPE.

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He can slow but that’s beside the point.
If he gets the duration reduction and no other changes I 100% agree.

Oh, well if they buffed his health and force field enough, then yeah, i’m on board; equivalent exchange.

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I feel like people are conflating me wanting to nerf his legendary with me wanting to nerf his character, when I’ve said no such thing. If you want my opinion on the character himself, I think they should reduce the movement speed penalty he gets when using his ultimate. His shield could also use a slight health buff, but nothing as major as double or triple health. A 4000 health shield (with the double health shield augment) is far too strong.

So it’s okay for him to have a high damage double stun since it’s not gear based but not Toby? I don’t understand.

I don’t think it needs a nerf because it’s his only real defense against melee characters besides… Well. Avoiding them.

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It should be part of his kit then. A piece of gear, according to gRANT, should not completely alter a character. That’s why they’re looking at Ambra’s radiant Halbert spam. It should be a nice bonus, not an essential game changer. The problem is not a 4 second stun, it’s the fact that that you get it from gear.

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