Toby's ultimate change/buff suggestions

I love his kit, even his ultimate and the concept of it, but his ultimate needs…an improvement. It’s hardly ever truly useful in my experience but there has been the rare occasion where it helped finish someone off. It’s pretty good for clearing minions to. I have a few suggestions for improving his ultimate.

  • keep the ability the same but allow him to move at normal speeds.
  • add a damage over time effect to the ability (after burn, residual plasma etc.) keep everything else the same.
  • keep it the same but increase its damage greatly.
  • take away or greatly reduce its charge up time and give it a slight damage increase.
  • allow it to penetrate world terrain ( to finish off an enemy who has ran behind enemy lines)

Lots of ways his ultimate could be improved or reworked. If it does happen, which I get the feeling it will. Toby will be perfect :smile:

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I like the burn effect suggestion; never considered that. It would need to be as strong as Oscar Mike’s napalm helix though, to make the damage sufficient. It would also help with Killing on rails. Still the wind-up and movement speed penalty would still need to be reworked as well, unless they just double it’s current damage.

I think a range increase (with maybe some damage fall off?) along with some minor changes to things like dmg or start up or piercing or dot would be nice. His atk range and his ult range are quite different

I think it should loosely “lock on” to the target nearest to the reticle and do increased damage with each consecutive tick of damage.

I suggested allowing it to penetrate characters ( not terrain) making it effectively an AOE beam. Leave the damage the same but that would make the whole double kills easier.

one other suggestion was to allow his shield to affect the beam like it does the rail gun bullets.

Toby ultimate needs some serious work. It’s underpowered, and leaves him incredibly exposed. I personally have never used Toby, but whenever I see a Toby charging his ultimate, I go closer to him, I become much less wary of him, because I know I can kill him before his ultimate is over with, and walk away with very little damage dealt to myself. I have gone against some Toby that were actually very good. Had some very good aim, and made it hard for my team to properly push up. As soon as they use their ultimate, I disregard them as any sort of threat until it’s over, or the more likely case of him dieing before it’s over. Tobys ultimate is a joke. As someone who has never played as Toby, I really hope his ultimate gets buffed so it is actually feared, instead of being seen as an opportunity to kill.

“FEAR ME! …please? If you’ve got a sec.” -Toby

This is ironically how his ultimate feals ATM.

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