Toby's Ultimate Needs Love

I love Toby. I’ve won my last 6 games with him and consider myself pretty OK at the penguin. He is really strong from a distance with his shield up or from close range with the arc mine stun. He’s good at pushing and great at defending. However, his ult is RIDICULOUSLY bad. It has a long charge up time and you’re really really slow while channeling the laser. And what do you get for it? Pretty much the same DPS as you had with your normal primary?! I don’t get it. Is there a situation where I should actually be ulting in a PvP game? It seems like it’s gimping me every time I cast it, but I need to try to get lucky with 10 double kills with it for the lore. What a joke.


It’s pretty much useless. An Oscar Mike using his auto-attack does more damage than Toby’s ult. Only thing it’s remotely good for is the 3s slow once you hit level 10, but you’re so squishy, not sure why you’d leave your “Sniper post” just to go close enough to ult for that slow. lol I’ve raged many times to my team how bad Toby’s ult is. Trying to finish his lore but it’s a nightmare. Needs more damage/range, or have it do more damage/range while shooting through his Force Field.


I know… the ults are either great or lack totally… Marquis ult does less damage than a well placed 2-hit combo from sniper too… do you have any suggestions for toby?

Because Toby is so vulnerable during his ult there has to be some sort of trade off. Either he does more damage during his ult. Or he get’s a Force Field that surrounds him to negate damage during his ULT. And even then would still require a bit of a damage increase.

If Toby’s ult is designed to eliminate low health enemies, a quick shot of a charged up shot through his Force Field is more effective than his ult.

Damage + Range + Penetration. Keep charge up time as to allow the enemies to either attack you, or run away.

But as it stands, if you have shields or 50%+ health, a Toby ult tickles.

I’d like to see a range increase and full piercing. This would give it some utility as an AOE weapon.

I agree. Toby’s ultimate is underwhelming at best

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Replaceable and useless at worse.

I do not know how many times I have tried to do that silly lore thing and get two kills, only to be stuck due to a sudden movement speed drop doing negligible damage… in melee range.

The other thing that makes the ultimate underwhelming to the 11th power is the range: it’s range is medium at best. For being a sniper at one point thanks to Toby’s primary, the ultimate requires being somewhere dangerous, being slow, and being very, very glow-y for even a bit of shield trickling.

It certainly needs a buff.

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Wait for upcoming patch on reddit, p.s. Marquis ult does insane amounts at a distance not mid to close range, read his ult

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I know that, I’m like 1-2 games away from ‘Master of Marquis’, it’s just that you can evade it so easily at longer ranges, not so much at close - mid ranges. if you can shoot it un-noticed tho, it wrecks indeed.

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I agree with Tobys ult being ■■■■. How the hell am I supposed to get 10 double kills with this ■■■■■■■ thing. buff the ult or change the lore requirements because this is hell.

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In my opinion I think Toby just needs buffs across the board his force field goes down in like 2 hits, he can’t take a punch and he’s a very big target.

Also his arc mines are very obvious and can be seen for miles

Odd, I’ve been mowing through people with it… I just wait for teammates to light someone up, and I power it up. I’ve got 3 of the double kills so far and I haven’t really tried for them, or even played him that much (I think 4 or 5 games)
And forget it if someone stuns someone within range of that thing, they’re melted.

Now, the “charge shot” level 10 modifier that cuts potential damage in half… yeah, that thing is horrible.

I love Toby. Might be my favorite, but I’ve learned not to use his ultimate in VS. Out of the numerous amounts of times I’ve used it I’ve either died or gotten one kill, more often the former. Seriously underwhelming. Need to add an over shield or something on top of it and make it stronger. A double kill with it should not be so outlandish. Other than that Toby is a crazy amount of fun to play.

Please gearbox you have to do something for this lore challenge. Its not fair with this underpowered ultimate really, this kill is good for minions only or pve, in most of the case its just kill us to use it(i know people already pointed that but in case you didnt heared) We got at lvl 6+ and its already much more worth it to only use our basic attack at that stage. And also for the autodestruction augmentation who can be unlock at lvl 7, Its too late too they have alteady too much hp for be really worry.

He is my main and i can tell that the autodestruction challenge and the killing on rail chalenge will be maybe completed around lvl 20 or 25 in the best scenario. Its unbalance in comparaison with other lore challenge.

His Mines are one of the strongest utility tools in the game when upgraded with certain Helix Upgrades. For example, Sorry I Broke Your Legs, Plasma Mine, and What’s Mine is Yours causes them to have a generously large field of electricity around them that not only will completely destroy shields, but also applies a fairly substantial slow.

They are very obvious on sight, yet, but they also deter people from taking that path that said mine is on or forces them to remain in place to try and pin point their shots at the mine itself to destroy it. Doing that gives you and your team to punish them.

Or you could get into the fight and fire a mine at someone then laugh as they struggle to get away while your team kills them on the spot.

As for this topic, yes, his ultimate is practically garbage in every way and practically goes against Toby’s playstyle of wanting to remain in place and snipe people down. Its slow to start up, does fairly weak damage that your railgun can easily match or outdue with greater ease, and it takes away your ability to use your boosters. Toby is by far at his most vulnerable when using his ult, its basically a death wish to do it and never worth.

The best use for Toby’s Ult is to kill off weakened agile characters like Millka when they are “close” and your shield isn’t there to accelerate your rail shots, since you can just “sweep” them with the Beam. Other than that… ya it sucks, and the Lore thing is a pain. I have 1/10 on it and that 1 was from finishing off 2 weakened enemies who were focused elsewhere.

Also why does Toby have a Lore unlock that requires you to DIE. The self destruct can be fun (I giggle like a madman when someone works hard to kill me only to be killed themselves), but its a late unlock and requires you to die to a melee character who has taken some pretty good damage…