Today I found Michael Mamaril for the first time!

Well I’m really excited right now because I found Michael Mamaril for the first time earlier today. I joined a friend’s multiplayer game in attempt to do so as he just started a new playthrough and had only just entered Sancutary as a level 7 and I’d heard that you have more of a chance to find Mamaril before Sanctuary is in the air (I’m not sure whether this is true or not though) This was my first time ever trying to find him also so I’m chuffed. It took around 5 times of saving and quitting the game and then returning. I found him in a random spot semi-close by to Moxxxis. I wanted to show the location to help people out and to say that it happened for me so it can for anyone thinking it’s impossible. I play THC on a PS4 Pro. 20181006_194748|666x500


In the olden days, just after release and long before I had picked it up, he was guaranteed to spawn in one of his locations until a certain point in the story. But that was patched, and now it’s the same chance. Just in case you haven’t found this info yet, he only shows up in certain places: in Raiders HQ by Tannis, next to the news stand, at the counter by Marcus, in the corner by Crazy Earl, 2 places in Moxxi’s (by the slot machines and by the piano), in an alley between Moxxi’s and Scooters by a dumpster, under the stairs at Scooter’s, in Dr Zed’s operating theater, and at the top of the stairs next to Clappy’s stash. There’s a map floating around on the interwebs that has them marked. I didn’t even know he was a thing for a year, and was similarly chuffed the first time I met the guy, although I’ve only gotten a few things from him that were helpful at the time.


Congrats :+1:   As a newcomer to BL2 there will no doubt be a lot of new things to discover and my old mate Mikey is a great one for sure.   I say “my old mate” as it’s almost ridiculous the amount of times i see him even in just a single session and yet other people hardly see him at all, in fact one time farming a mission reward i saw him 44 times in about 1hr15mins only between the spawn at Sanctuary and sir Hammerlock :rofl: and i quite often get him near Clappy’s Stash after Sanctuary is in the air …

This was the first of three so far today :laughing: so keep your eyes peeled as he does hand out Purple Gear occasionally as well as the guaranteed Blues


But never gives up the Shreddifier or Kerblaster he has strapped to his back :roll_eyes:


Not even the :honeybee: Bee Shield in this ultra rare pic i got :open_mouth:  

Out of all the times … and i would say many hundreds of times i’ve seen MM, i have never found him wearing another Legendary shield other than this :exploding_head:


Nice Veruc Mike :laughing:

Lemme guess - it was your consolidation prize for not getting a Lyuda - which means you probably have 13 more in your backpack.


No i wouldn’t want that Veruc or the poorly parted Bee shield he is wearing :nauseated_face: … i mean i’ll prolly never see him sporting a Legendary shield ever again unlike the variety of Leg/Unique weapons he always spawns with and what is it? … all Pangolin parts?   It’s a wonder he made it back from the Wastelands at all with that gear :laughing:


Just, just how? I’ve played for over 100 hours and met him once…

It’s pretty random, I see him about 1 in 12 visits to Sanctuary.
And he can be many places, so you have to look everywhere. Moxxis Bar, next to Marcus in his shop, next to the stairs in Headquarters, next to Clappy’s stash, in Scooter’s garage are all places I’ve found him.
So not only are his visits rare, you have to look everywhere in Sanctuary every time you’re there to make sure you don’t miss him.
I’ve never gotten anything I’ve actually used from him, but the gear sells well.

Pretty much always i’ve been in Sanctuary i’ve checked everything, but he wasn’t there… :pensive:

Just saw him yesterday. In Tannis’ area in Sanctuary.

SRG isn’t around to answer you, but he’d probably start by saying that he’s played over 1400 hours, as have most of us. Secondly, he had a habit of actively paying attention.

At one point I was running into him every day since at the time I paid attention. Now if I’m in Sanctuary I’m only there for business and don’t notice him.

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