Today, I managed to enter the Sentinel's arena on FFYL, with no enemies involved. Guess how

No, it wasn’t on purpose. I did manage to get a second wind on the Sentinel’s first phase though, so that’s cool.

As you were entering the portal anot enemy put you in ffyl?

Nope, no enemies involved. Hint: I was playing as Claptrap.

Oh jez, Clapinabox, worst team skill going.

Nope. That’s not it.

Nonsensical sacrifice

No sacrifice involved.

I’m not good at these riddles, give us the answer or Janey goes down the rabbit hole.

Never really liked her to begin with, to be honest.

Clap in the Box?

Or maybe a very poorly timed misfire led to a deadly SWAB?

Nope. I’ll give one more hint: Vaulthunter.exe is involved. (No Clap in a Box)

Did you manage to blow yourself up with Pirate Ship or Torgue Fiesta?

Nope, that isn’t it either.

Rubber ducky activated and you accidently threw a grenade

Keep trying!

Ugh.were you in co-op?

Nvm sacrifice not involved. What was it?

When fighting the elder opha right before the door, I got low on health, so I activated Vaulthunter.exe, and got Funzerker. Killed the opha with it, and touched the teleport to the Sentinel’s arena. I didn’t have much shotgun ammo and funzerker was spending a lot of it and so I changed weapons, first to a pistol maybe?, but still wasn’t satisfied, so I changed again, and guess what was in my 3rd slot? A Nukem.

You can guess the rest yourself.

Ugh, it fired itself and BOOM! NUCLEAR F*CKING EXPLOSIONS!!!

Yup. Was pretty funny when it happened.