Today was the first time I tried playing and quit out because i couldn't get a match in a reasonable time frame

I’m in North America., play on PC. Spent a total of 25 minutes in queue. Started in Casual, nothing, went to spotlight, nothing. 25 minutes total and the game couldn’t seem to find 5 other people out of the 445 total online that apparently wanted to play these modes.

Gearbox ,2k: you need to figure out some kind of incentive to get people playing. I know you know that, but it needs to be the very top thing on your list.

Here’s what to do: Talk to some of the top DOTA players and ask them what they would do to make the game more appealing. Like actually hire them as consultants. That is after you guys accept that the game is a MOBA. Stop fighting it. Accept it and build towards polishing it for that enormous potential audience.

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I’ve noticed the que gets stuck sometimes. I’ll sit there for five minutes and get nothing, I exit and re-que and am instantly matched.


+1 to above about it getting stuck. Some have to close the game.

I have the same thing if I sit for more than a few I reset and most times I get in right away

Went to play last night, hoping to get a few matches in, went into competitive vs, took forever to finally get a team of 5, then two players dropped out because we couldn’t match up against another team, finally flipped to casual, took a while to get in a group, wound up playing capture, which I don’t even like, match took 6-7 minutes, tried going back to competitive matchmaking, couldn’t even get more than 4 players in a team, and 50 minutes of sitting down to play and having only gotten in 6-7 minutes of playtime in a mode I didn’t even want to play, I quit and flipped over to Overwatch. Don’t get me wrong, I love Battleborn, but the matchmaking is horrendous, and given how quickly the game is dying, matchmaking needs to be revamped to simply ignore your rank and experience, let you choose the mode you want to play and the map you want to play, and then match up whoever’s available. I have no desire to waste 43 minutes of my day sitting in a matchmaking queue when I could be doing something much more interesting.

They know there’s a problem. Current matchmaking change is a band aid in my opinion. The lack of players on the PC is really starting to get felt each passing week. In another post I broke down some completely generic numbers but if there was only 445 online I’m not surprised the wait was that long.
Some are idle/playing solo.
The rest are split between normal/advanced story mode and PvP.
If you had 250 people (out of that 445) in PvP most of them could most likely already be in game. Let’s face it, 250 players sounds like a lot, but 25 games does not. Which is pretty much what 250 players would make.

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hmm, very weird

i get insta Q almost every time (insta q being less than 1 minute)

maybe 2 minutes at the very most, but its rare.

like some1 else said… if u r waiting in Q for long, try leaving q and rejoining.

i dont think spotlight or comp q works at all, sadly… so its just casual for now =/

they are experimenting with this whole Q thing and changes could be coming soon