Todays haul going for trades (includes anointed queens calls, Mirv Tacular Hex, MIrv hex, Cloning Hex)

At moment only looking for anointed gear for Zane cryo build and Amana rad/elemental build

Im probably interested in that 300% incendiary kings call, what kind of elemental amara stuff are ya looking for? I got 250% after phasecast, 300% after phaseslam on a cryo queens call, 50% extra elemental dmg on next 2 clips after skill end, the 75% increase to status effect dmg and chance after skill end

But also phasezerker with action skill cooldown perk, also an artifact with elemental projector and active skill cooldown

currently trying a radiation phasegrasp build but i use other elements to cover all bases

I’d be interested in the incendiary kings call.

For radiation specifically I have a butcher and a rowans call, both radiation element, with 20% extra radiation damage after action skill siren annointment.

Edit: Also some annointed operative gear, brainstormer with 75% damage on clone-swap and a kaos with 50% more damage when SNTL is out.

You can see the other gear I have in this thread Trading Lots of Annointed Gear + Recurring Hex + Others

Let me know, epic name is Macnube and i’ll be online for a bit, go ahead and add me if you like.

hey im really looking for a gun with high radiation damage , not just guns with high damage and has radiation damage, but also anointed for siren phase grasp … i havent looked at the games whole item list so maybe a big ask lol

I have some phasegrasp annointments but the only roll you can get with phasegrasp is increased accuracy and handling, kinda useless if you ask me

Radiation specificly id have a radiation crossroads with 250% dmg increase after phasecast

is that really the only variant of phasegrasp anointments… that sucks

It is the only one specifically for phasegrasp, only phaseslam has 2 variants, the 300% weapon dmg and the 200% melee dmg.

After that you’d have the general annointments like increased status effect chance and dmg, etc

just checked and there is another variant for phasegrasp but dont know if its shield specific

It is

What you want for the crossroad?

Anointed gear for Zane cryo build or Amara rad/elemental build

just got this one, seems limited to charge weapons though

just need that on smg with rad damage now

those arent charge weapons, i think only some shotguns and snipers are

maliwan smgs are charge weapons

what you want for that mirvtacular

still got that crossroads?

yeah still got both, im after anything anointed for cryo Zane or radiation/elemntal Amara (really looking for Siren anointed rad cutsman)