Today's hotfix looks good to me

Hey look everyone they un nerfed fl4k and moze while also nerfing moze in a dif way. Tho i am excited to re-try out carrier and lob with their buff’s i enjoy the sc2 reference with carrier.

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Baby steps. I would have been cool with a little more for Iron Bear… But this was at least a correction of their overnerf last week.

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Sounds fair. Bloodletter was making my Moze nearly invincible. I wish grenade spam gets dealt soon. Co-op with those guys is so pain in the ass.

I am glad to see them trying to address the community’s concerns. I’m particularly glad they listened to us on LNT. I was very critical of them after the last hotfix. The new fix might still not be perfect, it I’ll give them credit for listening and at least trying.

I’m just really happy they upped the damage on Rakk and Digi-clone annointeds. Those were super weak compared especially to Amara’s annointeds.

Yes the hot fix looks good overall especially since it appears they are listening to the community somewhat, albeit slowly. One thing is driving me insane though, they are obviously dead set on having cooldown for ammo/grenade regeneration, which I can agree with, but why the f#% is there still a f#%ing percent chance?!!?!?? Just remove the percent chance!!! Please. Thank you.

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New hotfix looks good.

I moved from LNT but glad to see it adjusted

I’m not sure what the Bloodletter nerf really addresses but I’m glad they’re trying.

Dang it, another week without Iron Bear, i think they need to focus on buffing the useless instead of nerfing the overpowered tho, but i can deal with it now that i knew they patch every 7 days, it gives me hype to wait for the next thuesday.

LNT still doesn’t have tooltip for the cooldown. Glad everyone reads the notes.

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that’s true, my amara’s butcher with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam is pretty deadly… to say the least. however, i feel that they balanced it this way because both fl4k and zane can use their actions skills a lot more often. 100% weapon damage after skill use with rakks for example were quite insane, especially when you have 3 charges on rakks.

zane needed the love i believe, 130% is great i’m guessing. especially with how long he can maintain his action skills.

The thing that kind of sucks though is that many other annointings are all on “Action Skill End” which doesn’t jive well with his specific annointed items that bestow their buffs when your swap or when SNTL/barrier is active.

I have beef with the clone in general though because you have to leave it behind so it inherently makes you slower to progress through PG’s and really any other mobbing content. It’s almost easier to build strictly for SNTL/Barrier or just use the clone and blow him up immediately to constantly be starting/ending an action skill so you get lots of annointed buffs and kill skills activate.

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Ah, i see !

i’ve not spent much time on Zane so i know pretty much nothing how he plays at max level, i’m lvl 24 or so currently and i’m rocking SNTL and barrier which i absolutely, i just unlocked the skill were action skills refresh on freeze, it’s mega funs !

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