Todays "update" done something to Graveward?

Was happily farming Graveward when got one of those “return to menu to apply update” prompts, did so and when I returned suddenly I was doing about 1/5 the damage (judging by GW’s health bar) of what I was doing 30 seconds ago before the update!?

Either Gravewards got more health/resistance all of a sudden or somethings been nerfed with regard to damage output. He is no harder overall just a damn side more tankier now.

No notes up of course by GB. :frowning:

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probably you are playing offline (hence the hotfix) and when you load back, you got a bad modifier.

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Doesnt need to be offline, maybe you just started the game really fast so the hotfixes didnt load and thats what caused the prompt.
But if you are on M3 thats most likely the cause of damage loss.

If you’re playing on M3 You can get in total of ~(-150%) damage with the weapon you’re using. Also enemies can get +45% helth/shield/armor.