Toggle Clipping

Hi, does anyone know how to toggle clipping? I have the console enabled and can do things like ToggleHUD, so I know it’s working. But I just lost a match in the Circle of Duty because an enemy got himself under the map, so it would be great if anyone could explain how to do this. “tgm_toggleghost” and “tcl” don’t work. Thanks, any help is appreciated!

I don’t know anything about messing with console in BL1, but if you’re Roland with Resupply on your turret you can use Transfusion grenades to leech away their health. Assuming some guys fell through the trapdoors where the rocket lance come from.

There’s one spot over in the corner (far right as you look from the entrance to the arena) where jet packers fly up through a laser grid. Sometimes, they’ll fail to emerge properly.

As @billthebetta said, about the only way to get them is with transfusion grenades. When it happened to me, I was playing Mordecai and had already used more than half my grenades, so I failed even then.

I also don’t know anything about using the PC console, unfortunately. Hopefully one of the other regulars does.

I was in the same boat as you - two Transfusions left playing Mordecai. Pain in the ass. Still would like to know how to toggle clipping, though. Could be useful.

I don’t think it’s possible to do from the console. I remember checking the available commands some long time ago and there wasn’t one for clipping.

It doesn’t work in the console, as you’ve found out. The youtube videos you see were done using cheatengine…I gave up trying at that point. Please post back if you dig further and get it working!