Toggle dialogue off (not just muting voice volume)

I was just talking to a friend today who tried BL3 for the first time. He’s a big time OG borderlands fan like me. I warned him that the dialogue was hard cringe. He got back to me after playing it today, he completely agreed. He said “This character Vaughn perfectly describes this game. An old man trying to sound young and hip and just falling flat on his face with it. Was it always this bad?”

I can say that though I’m a huge borderlands fan, I’m never playing this game again. However, my friend’s insight gave me an idea that gearbox could capitalize on if they have a sense of self preservation.

Basically, an advanced form of being able to toggle dialogue off. This wouldn’t just be as simple as disabling voice volume though, it would allow the game to skip the rigmarole of quests being held up by animated NPC exposition, and would skip cutscenes automatically. Not only would the dialogue be turned off, you wouldn’t even be reminded of it. This would also be useful for people who do multiple playthroughs, and want to save time.

Now I don’t expect gearbox to do this, as it requires some effort (I remember playing BL3 and not even being able to skip cutscenes). I just thought it was a pretty fun idea to float. More than anything, this is sort of a reflection on gearbox’s slow decline due to corporate cancer. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the next game right.

I don’t think any game has the feature you described.
You can of course FF dialogues in most games. At least gearbox added cut scene skip to BL3 (with and update).

So yeah, my 2 cents: it won’t happen, however your idea is good.

(BTW , i really don’t have problem with B3 story or dialogue. Vaughn? I love him! blood feeud! :D)

Given that they did add ability to skip cutscenes, does it change your argument or expectations above?

Not really. I figured it was possible they added it, which is why I qualified my point with “I remember”. Gearbox follows a general pattern of being tone-deaf to what the players want. One tiny exception doesn’t invalidate that. Making cutscenes skippable takes virtually no effort and has no downside. Besides, they thought it perfectly fine to have incredibly long, and mostly annoying cutscenes be un-skippable in the first place. For a game whose core players do multiple playthroughs. That’s the definition of disconnect from the players.

That’s right. People complained about long dialogues in The-Presequel already and wanted ability or button to just skip through them, a good suggestion was to make such option available after the game is completed once. And it took five months for ability to skip cutscenes to appear. Amazing.

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