Tom & Xam farm has been ruined

I used to farm these guys all the time on Mayhem 4 and they always dropped a lot of legendaries. You could kill one of them, fast travel back up and then do it again. It didn’t take very long to cover the floor with legendaries.

I just tried them for the first time on Mayhem 10 and it’s absolutely terrible. They have a ton of HP so it takes quite a while to kill them now, even with a Yellowcake. The big problem though is that they don’t drop anything!!! Very few legendaries. It’s terrible. Most of the time when I killed one of them, they didn’t drop a single legendary. I’m highly disappointed in this.

What other good farming spots have been ruined by Mayhem 2.0? How is it that we’re getting LESS legendaries on Mayhem 10 than we did on Mayhem 4 previously?


They dropped nothing for me but greens 0 Legendarys didn’t go back

Im on m10. Love the new patch! Good job devs

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I’ve been saying this for weeks…


I’m convinced there’s a math error somewhere in the code that determines the drop rate - what should be multiplying by the mayhem level is instead dividing. (I swear, I see more legendaries on lower mayhem than I do on higher, consistently)


I’m still trying to figure out what they fixed this week in the hotfix. I’ve seen no difference in the drop rates anywhere.

I can’t believe how bad it is. I hadn’t farmed them since Mayhem 2.0 started. It’s really bad.

Yeah it wasn’t bad right when they dropped mayhem 2.0 but the hotfix right after that at the end of April fucced it up. They gave us literally one week of a good farm on M10 before they screwed up the drops and added standard world drops into their pool. Shouldn’t be seeing woodblockers and hellwalkers in DLC areas tbh


Tom & Xam Every Borderlands 3 farm has been ruined.

Fixed that for you.


Yea they are way too tanky and the drop rate is terrible. They upped the tankiness of every enemy in DLC 2 compared to anything else before mayhem 2.0 and now those enemies are insane. They definitely should have taken that into account or buff the drop rates accordingly.

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I mean the drops suck but they definitely are not tanky at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They are for me on M10. The same Yellowcake that I use to kill Traunt and Killavolt easily just tickles Tom & Xam.

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I still use this farm. For me, it still yields a bunch of legendaries. Not as many as before the 2.0 patch, but I still get one or two with every kill and fast travel. That being said, yeah they’re tankier with my having to use a Consecutive Hits M10 Anarchy with the Pearl to farm quickly. I’ve also noticed that their legendary drops have been mainly Soulrenders and Oldridians.

I used to farm them for my Anarchy when the DLC first launched. However, a youtube mentioned that the Kukuwajack has been added as the Anarchy dedicated drop. (

I’m wondering if it’s the LTG event that is screwing anything over that is not on the weekly target planet. I understand GB is trying to switch things up during the lockdown and I appreciate that effort and it’s good intentions.

But maybe implementing too many changes at a time and clearly, increasing the chances of something deciding to not play nice is a step too far.

I think Gearbox doing a single thing well would be better recieved by the community, than dumping a lucky dip of content out in the wild and having to deal with the fallout.


The yellowcake is not the move for them, get yourself a M10 anarchy charge that bad boy up before you go down it’s way better. Incendiary if possible


I’ve not used an Anarchy since I found the animation for it’s stacks building was bugged on PS4, genuinely giving me a headache with the garbage graphics.

So in order to farm Tom & Xam I have to go farm the Kukuwajack, who’s a major PITA to get to.

I think I’ll just farm Amach instead and hope for an Anarchy there. I’ve gotten a couple of them but I don’t know what level they’re at.

I’m not even sure why I want to farm Tom & Xam since I’ve heard that the Soulrender doesn’t scale to M10.

Too bad your on Xbox I’d throw anarchy’s your way :joy::joy:

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I appreciate the thought any way.

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Yes, Soulrender and Oldridian both are useless at the higher MH levels

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When you have yellowcake it is pointless to farm them anyway