Ton of Badass Tokens Randomly Added

I was trying to figure out how the game and PS4 handle local splitscreen and the multiple accounts thing. So I was signing into my second account, then signing out, switching controllers, etc just to play around with it.

I eventually switched back to just my main account and loaded my lv. 72 Assassin. Just after I did, it said I had 499 Badass Tokens to spend, which did not make sense. I figured it may have “unspent” all the tokens I transferred over and spent on PS4 so I checked. But no, all of my stat boosts were still intact, but there was still 499 tokens to spend like it said. I think 499 is the amount I’ve earned overall so it seems to have randomly doubled my tokens?

While it sounds cool to have a “good glitch” like that, I don’t want these free tokens. I want to earn all my Badass tokens legit. Any way to get rid of them?

At least you keep ur tokens.

I can confirm that in theory if the transfer works you should get your badass rank credited to your new character with all tokens unspent but no stat boosts intact obviously, so you have to respend them all again to get to the boost you once had.

Yours must in fact be a glitch.

If you cannot find a way to get rid of them you can simply not spend them however. I know that’s not a perfect solution but still better than nothing.

I highly suggest you report this in the bugs report thread HERE also by the way.

Thanks, I might do that. I actually just a few minutes ago ended up fixing it myself. I took a random chance and it looks like it worked. I went into the save storage on my PS4 and found the BL2 files. I did not touch any of the character files and instead simply deleted the profile data. When I started up the game again, I had my original tokens, unspent again but not doubled this time. So I had to respend them yet again, but it got rid of the extras.

So if by some chance this happens to someone else, I guess try that.