Tons of Artifacts for trade! Take a look!

Cleaning up bank space, holler at me if your interested in any of these.

Looking for a couple things

Last Stand Otto Idle restores 18% health after kill

+40% Mag Size
+21% Action Skill Cooldown
+33% Area Of Effect Damage

X6 Trevanator with ASE 100%

X14 Cash infused brainstormer ASE 100%

Thanks everyone, as always, I appreciate the help!

Dont think you can get x14 in cash infused thats the redundant version and pretty sure its one or the other but i have the cash infused brainstormer

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Thanks for the heads up, appreciate the info. You happen to have a screenshot of your brainstormer by chance? Thanks

of course, is that your psn? i dont know how to send to my computer

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My bad there bud